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Lyme and lupus oh my

I am not on disability as of yet but I was headed that way fast. You see I am an electrician and having to do the physically demanding work was taking me down fast. Had it not been for several higher ups being pushed to retire I would be out of work. I now do a lot of computer work but there are still some who think I am lazy. I also had lyme disease in which I still test positive for one band that is indicative of active disease. I am on plaquinil 200 a day. I was on 400 but my numbers come back good so I take one. Problem is I still have lots of joint pain and fatigue. My house is starting to look like I am a hoarder but I have always been a orderly and clean person. I have been reading some on lyme and lupus together but don't know if I should boost my immune for the lyme or suppress it for the lupus. Comments anyone.

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Could you be electro-sensitive, too, with being an electrician you are working with it all the time? Many of us are - you can read more on the ES website - ES-UK.

You are not lazy as we all know on here, but others who are not sufferers don't understand. Do you eat healthily - probably difficult if working full time, but I find I have to eat and drink of healthy food when I need to and pace myself.

I am clearing the clutter target by target slowly and like you was always a tidy organised person - this affliction whatever it is changes everything.

I use natural methods and try to exercise regularly, keep stress down with meditations and breathing and get outside to ground myself whenever possible as well as eat healthily and only when hungry.

Hard going, but no drugs have worked for me, instead made symptoms worse and even dental treatment knocks me for six. I was told I'd had Lymes, too, but I can't take antibiotics - they actually initiated all my problems along with traumatic surgery and other drugs.

I don't know if you find any of this helpful, but there are a lot of us if that is any consolation.

I ask for help daily from the Universal Energies to get through this difficult life and I do my best to give thanks for every moment free of pain and discomfort that I have.

All the best finding what is right to help you!


its only been a year ago I started doing computer work because the field work got to be to much. Thank God above for the changes in my life recently. Never heard of the electrical affecting lupus I will look into that. My rhumy shrudges off the disability subject even when I was a lot worse. I think it is because she just got training before I started with her and she really don't understand yet what is going on. I know fluorescent lights are not good foe me either but I have no choice right now. thanks for your reply


When I was working I was fortunate to have my own office to work in and I bought an inexpensive floor lamp and turned off the florescent lighting. Of course, they made fun of me


PS - computer work is not ideal for us, either. I limit mine to an hour at the most at a time and then get out and ground myself!


I'm very sorry to hear that you're feeling so badly, unfortunately I too have both as well as a severe case of degenerative disc disease. I was told by an Orthopedic physician when I was 30 that it was so severe that I would be in a wheelchair by the time I was 45.; Needless I say I'm 55 this year and not walk, standing or sitting very comfortable but I'm walking!

I have been on disability since I was 40 years old I went from working 12-18 HR days slowly down to none each job was more degrading and difficult. Due to my physical limitations

, Children, household chores Ect. Generally life.

How long have you been dealing with your illnesses? Unfortunately, most people don't and won't be able to understand. The only advice that I can give you is to eat well, do some sort of exercise(I know, you're exhausted!) But, even a nap after work for a half hour some medication for your pain and a walk around the block may help.

What seems to have helped me most was a homeopathic physician who specializes in Lyme disease! They will analyze your blood and help you with what you're deficiency s are.

As far as your coworkers, I'm sorry that they are cruel, but I found that tough skin was most helpful.

Wishing you the best from across the pond.



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