Lyme disease?

Just had an appoitment with my rhumy, I showed him the lesion I have on my breast and he went back through my history of when everything started An that I went away 4/5 prior to falling ill (only Spain) he has now tested me for Lyme disease me thiniking I was tested for that at the start of my illness as they apparently ruled out everything....

I'm quite worried now as it's been nearly 2 years since I fell ill and Lyme disease usually has to be treated asap when catching the disease... I also read it beings on inflammatory arthiritis and nervous system symptoms when left un treated. I have actually been diagnosed with inflammatory arthirits since August 2016...

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  • This article

    seems to think that late Lyme disease can still be treated successfully.

  • Try not to panic. Theres lots of mixed messages about Lymes Disease on the internet. Wait until your results and take it a step at a time It could still be negative.

  • I was treated for lyme it was HORRIFIC and after 6 years of treatment IV and oral, £80,000 I did not get better, Just recently found our I actually have Lupus, Sjrogens and Hughes syndrome. I went to every Lyme doc in the UK and USA and they are total charlatan's so be very careful, they emotionally, mentally, physically and financially destroy you.

    Forgot to add any UK Lyme tests will come up negative as they antibody response only show after the bite so its only Igenx and Lyme Cultures in the USA that show Lyme. I know this disease inside out and got sucked in to the whole process sadly

  • I really dont think i have got it... Lupus has always been on the cards until i showed him the dry lesion i have on my breast.... the lyme rash looks completely different mine isnt a bullseye.

  • 80% of people never even get a bullseye or any rash, especially not years down the line. I am glad you put this to bed as so many get caught up in the diagnosis. I actually did have neurolyme was hospitalised in 2006 and was very ill but as the years passed I was convinced by Lyme docs every lasting symptom was Lyme......When i didn't get better I knew I had something underlying and here it is a diagnosis last week of the 'Big 3" Lupus/sjogrens/hughes with hashimotos

    It is possible to have both lyme and autoimmune disease, I may still have residual Lyme as I still herx bady but its not my main illness thats for sure

  • joke isnt it, i dont think people actually understand what people go through when trying to get diagnosed with lupus, so many other illness's they throw at you which makes matters worse

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