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What next

I'm now getting seriously fed up chest infection after infection for months last time I seen my chest Dr was may he treated me with antibiotics no sooner I'd got better I had another and it carried on till July until it was that bad I ended up in hospital and after that I had another scan and breathing test and I've still got an infection and have had a few is this it is this my life now breathless I feel as though I don't matter I even rang appointments office they said I should of been seen in Sept but gave me the 1St appointment Nov 24th it's not just the lung disease it's the mctd I no everyone different just feeling low I can't do half the things I like doing walking dancing I can't even talk sometimes because of acid I lose my voice hope I feel better soon

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hello Dion,

I had this problem of constant infections, pneumonia three times, and was eventually referred to the immune clinic. They have put me on 3 weekly infusions of immunoglobulin, and this seems to have made a big difference. I was given Rituximab before all this and it seemed to wipe out most of my B cells, the immunoglobulins replace it,

I take Azithromycin 3 times weekly as well and my chest has been much better. I still get out of breath when walking or bending and need oxygen at home but on the whole I have improved. Could be worth a mention to your doctor. Good luck anyway, do let us Know what happens.


thankyou for replying x


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