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Malar rash ...or not?

Hi All,

I am not yet diagnosed and due to see Rheumatologist in June. I am not really sure what constitutes a malar rash. My nose is a pink/red colour pretty much all of the time, but it only extends across my cheeks now and then. I have just returned from a 2 day course in a venue with quite bright flourescent lighting and by the end of the day yesterday it was very red and angry but has settled again today. Is this a malar rash or am I looking too hard for signs?

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That sounds exactly like my malar rash, i also get a similar sort of rash on the top of my chest......I was diagnosed with lupus a few weeks ago and the rhemy said it was a malar rash ( it doesnt bother me at all just looks unsightly at times)

I think the rash can vary from person to person

try and take a photo if you can at its worst to show the rhemy


Sounds same as mine but it comes up every day about 2pm I am waiting for an appointment for a biopsy. The rhumy said it's malar but wants it confirmed just wish they would hurry up and get on with it, sick of folk asking if I've just got back from holiday


Thanks Luupysue and smkelly, your replies really help. I also get a similar looking rash on my chest. The rash over my cheeks yesterday looked awful so I was glad when it settled. Will take a picture next time.


I had the rash more on my neck, my face was just red, looked as if l had been on a sunbed far too long, got plenty of stares ! Had a skin biopsy done just to confirm and yes it was the Lupus, so not always the classic Butterfly Rash .:)


You guys: wow!!!!! This rash pattern is exactly like mine: I've been wondering what it's about for decades, feeling really self conscious. I assumed it was lupus, but, like smkelly it's not the most bothersome of my symptoms, so I just put up with it....

When I was diagnosed with SLE (apparenly life-long, ie since infancy) at 56-57 a couple years ago, I went to my initial consultation with a NHS lupus expert rheumy, armed with my full medical history etc etc ++++ photo prints of almost every symptom possible inc the neck/chest rash.c took 2 hrs for her to get my history onto her data base, and THEN I still had to hand over, like, 60 prints...she gulped, but was keen....when he got o the chest rash pics she just grunted. And I've never bothered to take a pic of the red nose (mostly flares with slight extension from nose bridge into checks)....I think: Red Nose Day is 24/7 all year round for me: haha. Well, not quite that bad, but almost. It was really tough in business mtgs while I was still working: when under strain, the rash gets worse. Also worse at extremes of temperature, either hot or cold. I get up from a nap looking very red....

I said I just put up with it, but that was easier when I was younger nd less wrinkled, lately I've discovers dermalogica's new range of treatment foundations gosh, this really suits me....and looks now I have to remember not to cover up the red when I'm seeing my rheumy, dermy or gp.....but really i just gotta force myself to take a photo....whatever, gotta say: feels fab to suddenly find am less self conscious of the redness....

Thanks so much for starting this thread, madlottie: you guys hve hoped me a lot!!!!!

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It is reassuring to get feedback from people who understand. Every time I mention a symptom at home I get the feeling that I am making too much fuss. So thank you everyone. :)


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