Butterfly rash with Sjogren's?

What exactly brings on the butterfly rash? Is it actually a rash of bumps or just red splotches? I've not be diagnosed with Lupus. I have Sjogren's and RA. Been having a flare recently and having hot flashes. One day while out in a hot warehouse my face became very red in the same shape as the butterfly rash I've seen photos of. It stayed for a few days and then lightened up. It's back this morning and I don't know why. Is this possible with Sjogren's or a symptom of Lupus?


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8 Replies

  • Hi W. I read on the Sjögren's Foundation info once that butterfly rashes and skin involvement is a common feature of Sjögren's but I guess there will always be overlaps as it's all just one big spectrum. I have had sun related rashes all my life - as a kid they were classic but no one in my family seemed to twig and they assumed it was all "just" my eczema.

    Also, Rosacea can look very like a Lupus rash and is triggered by sunlight too and is common to people with autoimmunity. But definitely take photos and show your rheum and GP for clarification or referral to a dermatologist. X

  • Hi Twitchy,

    I was hoping it was common to SS also but all post I read were associated with Lupus. Probably because Lupus is more widely covered issue than Sjogren's. Hope you are feeling better :)

  • Well a Lupus rash can only be Lupus of course - but Rosacea is very common in Sjögren's and the two can appear very similar - only a biopsy can completely distinguish. Most of us don't want biopsies taken from our faces of course and a good dermatologist can usually distinguish - but not always.

    Feeling total pants - got a UTI it seems - or possible pancreatitis. 🙄🤒😴

  • true. I have a dermatologist so I'll ask her. sorry about the UTI. hope you get better quickly!

  • Hi wa

    A flare can cause the butterfly rash. Like you , I go hot and face flushes across cheeks and bridge of nose. It's leaving pigmentation marks. Hope that's helpful. Good idea of Twitchy's to take photos for specialists. X

  • I too have sjogrens and have butterfly rashes frequently even using spf50 on my face and wearing a hat etc when outside I do take photos and show them at my appointments with my rheumatologist he just looks at them andsays well this is normal for your condition. I do use Eucerin cream which helps a lot I get it free on prescription. Unfortunately it's something we just have to deal with.

  • It's a relief to know this rash is also common to Sjogren's and shouldn't need more testing. Thank you!

  • I can only agree with whats been said. Many of the symptoms overlap or look very similar. I agree, keep photos and a diary of how you feel and what seems to trigger the symptoms.

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