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Positive irregular antibodies

Hi, I don't have lupus or Sjogrens but chanced upon this site when googling some of my symptoms. Couple of years ago I got a red rash on face, my hair really thinned, got a couple of red eyes (one at a time) Had blood test that showed high inflammatory markers CRP?? doctors dismissed it all but I eventually got referred to rheumatology. First rheumy asked my GP to refer me to neurology and dermatology as he saw red rash on my neck and the V shape, GP wouldn't do either. I have pain in most of my joints diagnosed as arthritis and DDD and osteoporosis, previous history of breast cancer and slipped disc for which I had an emergency op, it's now bulging again causing impingement. I've just had hysterectomy due to double prolapse. My muscles often hurt and if my skin is pressed with firm pressure not light touch that also hurts me? Rheumatology say no fibro, no polymyalgia? I have now been discharged after 4 appts as my ANA was negative. I had to have blood test in case I needed a transfusion after hysterectomy and found out I tested positive for irregular antibodies? Does that mean anything, they didn't seem concerned other than it took longer to cross match it. Oh, I also had a high reading on thyroid which was 8.3 and the cut off is 8.4, they're going to repeat that in November as it's apparently borderline? Anyone have any possible theories. I have terrible dry mouth and all mucous membranes and struggled not being able to drink before operations, after op I ordered a sandwich but couldn't eat it as too dry and couldn't swallow it! Have dry eyes too! I dare say a lot of this is age or medication related but the antibodies makes me wonder? Thanks for reading, sorry so long!

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Hi Krawlins,

The high CRP result that you mention is an inflammatory test called C-Reactive Protein. A high or elevating result is generally linked to an acute infection or inflammation. Usually in lupus we expect to see an elevated ESR with a normal CRP result.

Regarding the test that found "irregular antibodies"; do you know what antibodies these were?

As we are not medically trained I'm afraid that we cannot comment on your symptoms or advise you of a diagnosis. Your dry mouth and eyes a common complaint of people with Sjogren's syndrome which is an autoimmune condition. Do you know if you have ever been tested for this?


Thanks for the quick response Paul, I think in the past I have had both ESR and CRP high but maybe not at the same time.

No, I don't know what the irregular antibodies are, one doctor mentioned I may have actually got them while pregnant but my children were born in 83, 86 and 94 and its just never been mentioned before and I don't even know if it matters or is of any significance other than them needing to get a perfect match for me if I needed a transfusion. I don't carry any card or have any bracelet so I expect its a question I will have to ask of my GP. I only wondered about Lupus because it came up in results and I've now been following it and there are similarities with some of my issues. Yes, I've been tested for Sjogrens and it was negative so I think it must be linked to my medication. My ANA was also negative but I read that it can be and you could still have lupus?


95-98% of people with lupus have positive ANA, so it is rare to be diagnosed if it is negative but doesn't necessarily rule it out completely. If lupus is suspected then a rheumatologist could carry out more autoantibody tests such as anti-dsDNA, anti-RNP, ENA and more.

If you would like more information about lupus and how it is diagnosed, you can request or download one of our free packs at lupusuk.org.uk/request-info...


Thanks Paul I'll check it out


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