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Positive ANA..... SLE???? HIgh Thyroid Antibodies ???

Positive ANA..... SLE????    HIgh Thyroid Antibodies ???

was diagnosed with Hashimoto in January 2016... My bloods were as follows;

TSH 106.71 (0.35-5.5)

T4 2.4 (4.5-11.5)

T3 0.4 (0.6-1.9)

After many endo visits and adjustments if meds, now on 100 levothyroxine and got antibodies down, all above are now within range.

However I went for a routine blood test and find my antibodies are sky high, higher than ever??. With a positive ANA???

ANti-thyroglobulin antibodies 620.0. (0-60)

Couple of weeks ago I was diagnosed with lupus cutaneous from biopsy and still under investigation for systemic lupus and have severe fluctuations of blood pressure.

My question is...... Why do the antibodies fluctuate so much, what are the symptoms when so high and how can we control this?

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I can't answer your question I'm afraid. What was your high ANA reading do you know (I can't read your photo - too small for me)? And do you know what pattern of ANA you have?

I have Hashimoto's and was diagnosed and treated for RA - which never felt quite right. Now my ANA has turned positive at 1:320 which is middling range positive with a Nucleolar Pattern. Apparently 3% of the healthy poplulation has a positive ANA so it isn't necessarily a clear indication of a connective tissue disease. And as I'm sure you know there is often overlap with autoimmunity and we both have at least one (Hashimoto's).. Best of luck.


It says.......

Positive 1/80 title

Mottled pattern

Homogeneous - total nuclear fluorescence due to antibody directed against nucleoprotein. Common in SLE (lupus).

Peripheral - fluorescence occurs at edges of nucleus in a shaggy appearance. Anti-DNA antibodies cause this pattern. also common in SLE (lupus).

Speckled - results from antibody directed against different nuclear antigens.

Nucleolar - results from antibody directed against a specific RNA configuration of the nucleolus or antibody specific fir proteins necessary for maturation of nucleolar RNA. Seen in patients with systemic sclerosis

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Okay well to me (and I'm new to ANA positivity) that sounds pretty broad spectrum (I.e could be a number of conditions) and only the low end of positive but I'll let others with diagnosed Lupus come on and tell you what they know from their own experience. Best of luck.

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Thanks Twitchytoes.... I have official diagnosis of lupus cutaneous from dermatologist who would not confirm SLE as ANA approx 6 weeks ago was negative....... I now have 10 of the 11 criteria for SLE

Wishing you the best if luck too, thanks for your input :) X

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Hi MagsaTrini,

This page on the Johns Hopkins website is quite informative. It suggests that ANA titres fluctuate and don't necessarily correlate with disease activity -

The symptoms that people will experience during a flare will vary. Lupus presents differently in everybody and often individuals may experience previously undeveloped symptoms.

If you would like more information about lupus and how it is diagnosed, we have a free pack which you can request or download from our website at

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