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Feeling awful 😣

Hi, sorry for this as it feels like a tirade of moans.

Been having a really awful time since last Monday. Started of with a migraine which developed into a cluster lasting 6 days. Duing this time, I felt nauseous , painful knees, elbow, shoulders, hands, dry gritty eyes, dry mouth, painful dry nasal cavity and then vomiting. As if this wasn't enough, I had a really intense red rash on my face which was like bad sunburn being rubbed by an abrasive, this lasted for six and a half hours and still got a red mark which feels nippy.

Got a call from the doc saying my liver enzymes have elevated so I've to stop taking my Azathioprine meantime and bloods redone today. I'm so tired and lethargic, I just don't have any energy at all and haven't been able to work.

So sorry for going on but I'm really starting to feel sorry for myself and I've never been like that.

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Hi Carol,

I am really sorry to hear that you have been suffering.

Your bloods will probably show that you have some inflammation, for now you should rest and take the nessairy medication to help you through.

Hopefully your Gp will help with medication and your treatment, if you feel worse please get yourself to hospital!

Best wishes X


Thanks Penguinaz for your caring thoughts. To get my results tomorrow, Lupus nurse also contacting the rheumatologist so hopefully the medication will be sorted out sooner rather than later.

Take care and thanks again x


Hi Carol.

So sorry you are having a tough time right now! 😔

Certainly no need to apologise for feeling down - totally justifiable reading through your post. It was only a week ago I too posted about a migraine - with aura. And that only lasted half an hour! I haven’t had one for about four years and was ready to cart myself off to hospital. I can only begin to imagine how debilitating a six day headache is on an already weary body. Sounds horrendous.

Sadly, work might have to go on the back burner for a little while until you are sorted and have recovered from the aftermath of these headaches. Hopefully, your GP will be able to shed some light once your blood results are through.

All crossed this is sooner, rather than later. 🤞🏼

Sue. x


Thanks Sue.

You are correct in everything you say, I suppose I'm still finding it hard getting my head around the lupus diagnosis, all it entails and not having the same stamina.

Will be glad when my medication is sorted and I can start to feel some normality again.

Pity you don't get Clubcard points for hospital/GP visits.........could be eating free for months 😁.

Thanks very much for your support x


You are most welcome. 😉

And obviously it helps to have a sense of humour. Not always easy! Love the reference re the Clubcard points - 😀Chuckle. You are so right. I think before long I shall have a designated seat at the GP’s surgery....🙆🏼

Chin up. X

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Yes it definitely feels that way, I've been to the GP more since last January than I have in years!!

Well here's hoping we all cut down on our GP membership this year 😁 x

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Um, just a week-long migraine you say? Apart from the elevated liver enzymes. And the burning rash. That's all. And the chronic fatigue. And new diagnosis. And meds. No, I cannot understand why you would be feeling down. Pull yourself together woman *

* alternatively, you may be an actual human being - in which case, you are allowed to moan as much as you jolly well like x


Thanks Mike, I'm just not used to feeling this way, haven't been someone that feels sorry for themself before..........certainly making up for it now!!

You know I've read other posts here from people who are obviously suffering so much more, yourself included , and I'm in awe how they cope.

I'm sure they'll be a light at the end of the tunnel soon x


Hi Carol - it is ok to feel sorry for yourself - I bet everyone on here has from time to time. I can’t recommend enough to you - Vit D spray and Vit B12 spray. It was the only thing given to me for the first 6 months, it did lift my energy levels and spirits too. I hadn’t been to the Doc in years till Sjogrens struck and then they discovered Lupus ! There are so many symptoms and we get attacked from so many angles - it really is depressing - I wish you better soon.


Thanks Cas. My GP tested for vit D deficiency but the bloods were fine. I will mention the sprays to her next visit.

Thanks very much again for your help


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