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Chest pain...what should I do?

I am wanting some more expert advice here. I frequently have episodes of chest pain which I was almost certain are costchondritis but this week it has hit with an added side of feeling like I can't get enough breath into my lungs. The pain is not worse when I breathe in or out, it is just constant. I have got an appointment in 6 weeks to get looked at and I'm inclined to just ignore it and tell the doctor about it then because I have so many weird things happen I don't tend to get alarmed these days.

Or do you think I am being too casual? I've never had this lung part of it before so I'm not real sure what it means or whether I should just pop along to the GP and tell him...I know a lot of you have breathing problems and lots of good advice to go with it...

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Hi 1985mum

You need to get that chest pain checked out especially as it is also giving you breathing problems. If the pain suddenly worsens and you get a numb arm and your breathing worsens it should be A&E. Your treatment needs adjusting to help. Hope you improve soon.X

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Sorry I forgot to remind everyone that I haven't got a final diagnosis or on any treatment yet...

Thank you for the reply Misty.

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Definitely get it checked out but don't panic. I've had it myself recently and weirdly enough they think it was all due to gastritis... Apparently this can happen especially in those with lupus. But definitely any chest pain and shortness of breath should be checked byour a doctor or a&e. Unless your doctors has an ecg they'd probably send you to a&e anyway.


I have had 1 blood test day I'm Positive for Lupus,but 2 said Negative.Im so Frustrated.I get the red butterfly rash,the inflammation around the heart and breast bone too!!!

But my Ra.dr.says no you Do Not have Lupus!!??

Plus now over a year ,I've had the Burning Tongue,and inner lower lip I get a tiny bump that is like a sore and burns.inner lower lip is red.

I'm so frustrated.:(

ANYONE else get it have this????

Plus ,I forgot too mention,i have Ra., Fibromyalgia too.A dentist looked at my Tongue and said ,YOU have a Auto immune disease!!!! Thing is ,In 52 yrs.old and have had Rheumatoid Arthritis since I was 20 yrs.kld and NEVER had the Burning tongue issue so it's gotta be from the Lupus!!??

Any advice I'd REALLY appreciate it!!


Hi - I understand your frustration. I have pretty much the same symptoms presently and also have a diagnosis of RA, heartburn and costochondritis. I've been told I don't have lupus and my previous diagnosis of RA is being queried now too - which is okay because I query it myself now. I have a horrible taste and burning/ tingling mouth, tight, swollen sensation in my gums, and small fibre neuropathy in my arms and legs. I was told by a rheumy registrar yesterday that it isn't a connective tissue disease probably - apart from Vasculitis which is hard to diagnose. I'm told I do have an autoimmune disease but they don't know which one yet. My sister also gets the burning sensation in her mouth. It's the pits! I think mine is part of bruxism but I've seen two oral surgeons and am being referred to a third one know. Also having tests to exclude various types of cancer and a colonoscopy. I think the heartburn is the cause of the breathlessness/ chest heaviness with me and I haven't been able to face mentioning it to a doctor yet - so many symptoms to flag up all the time and it isn't bad enough to go to A&E for yet. I notice mine gets worse in the evening and after food. I feel as if I'm not getting enough oxygen too. Horrid.

If yours carries on or feels a bit scary then just go to A&E - it's not worth the risk In case it is something serious. I've had many ECGs and chest X-Rays and all that shows up is ectopic beats.


You absolutely should get this checked out. It probably isn't serious but you're not the person to make that diagnosis. If I report chest pain to my GP, I will be whizzed in to see a Dr, have an ECG, probably a chest X-ray or CT and sometimes emergency referral to the hospital. I diagnosed and treated myself last time but it was foolish. The pain was so severe that I couldn't talk through it. There are many causes of chest pain and some are not to be taken lightly. I hope you are soon feeling better x


Thanks everyone. The pain is not so bad today but still well and truly there and the breathless thing has settled down. I have been getting the pain every so often for years now so the pain itself doesn't alarm me (I've had numerous ECG's and not even any ectopic heatbeats to report here twitchytoes, also had 24hr halter monitors, and also had reflux/GERD/heartburn checked out and I apparently don't have any sign of it). I more probably wondered if it might be some kind of inflammation in the lungs themselves? If it was, is it something that is urgent or not, just in case it comes back again today? I have no sign of a chest infection or anything...

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Firstly, it's best to phone/go see the doc just so that you flag up that there's something going on. By the time you go in a few weeks it may settle and you might forget to mention it.

Secondly I've had been having same breathing problems with pain in left side,like a constant dull ache. The last few visits and blood tests have shown my liver results flagging up primary biliary cirrhosis getting a bit high, hadn't thought anything of it, didn't make any connection as liver on right side, however the gastro doc gives me some new medication to take at night and guess what? The pain in my left side has gone! Breathing not perfect but slightly better.(I have got fibrosis of the lung) I'm waiting for blood results to see if these tablets have made any difference.

So definitely worth a call/visit to GP 🙂


As everyone has said, there could be many reasons it's happening. Guide breathlessness for years and it can be pretty severe but they can't find the cause. I also have costochondritis.

However, this is new for you and with pain, you need to be seen. It could be pleurisy with inflammation of the lining of the lung or endocarditis which affects the heart. If it needs antibiotics, the sooner the better. The worst that can happen is serious things are ruled out and you're left to puzzle over it. It's positive that the pain has eased slightly but it's still something to be checked. Have you been taking any painkillers? If anti inflammatories work12 it indicates inflammation which can be handy to know. Let us know what happens.

Friars xx


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