Breast Abnormalities & Pain.....Breast Cancer??!

Breast Abnormalities & Pain.....Breast Cancer??!

Hello All,

My latest problem is increasing pain in my left breast and in the ribs under the breast and the ribs on the side. Also, the breast is sagging a bit, seems to have lost elasticity, and decreased sensitivity. It's like a dead lump or appendage. I'm 48yrs old.

I'm having a mammogram but it's a week away. The breast problem had to go to the back of the line when I got some nasty, scary cellulitis infection.

I had cysts in this same breast back in 2005. The 3 small cysts were aspirated by a surgeon and found to benign.

This is my absolute worst pain, makes it hard to breathe. Does this sound like breast cancer and should I try to get in for my mammogram sooner, like tomorrow?

Thanks for any help :)

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  • I have pain in my breast in my ribs also had aspiration for fibaedoma in right. Pain underarms from glands. Please let me know how you get on as I just thought it to be lupus and nerve pains in ribs so have done nothing about it. Thanks for bringing this to my attention. Lou

  • I had mammogram & ultra scan for these symptoms a while ago & it was found my lymph nodes were all swollen. As I was in a flare at the time, I was told it was part of flare symptoms. I have had breast cancer in the past & didn't have any pain at all. Theses symptoms are totally different. I've noticed when ever I'm tired & unwell I get the lymph node pain & swelling.

  • Thx. That makes me feel much less worried. But normally both my breasts are swollen and painful from swelling. My Endocrinologist told me that one of my psych meds causes increased prolactin, so breasts in constant state of breastfeeding type swelling. I'm taking this same med at same dose and swelling is gone. Maybe my Endo was wrong and lymph nodes were causing swelling and pain.

    But now I have the new type of pain. Maybe my ribs have swelling. I don't know. I'll read on here, the other replies.

    Thank you:)

  • I am glad that you are booked for a mammogram, as any breast changes should be checked. However, please be reassured that many people with Lupus get chest/rib pain which can be inflamed cartilage. I too have had reoccurring cysts which need to be drained, some of them were incredibly heavy. Please try not to worry until your test it could be many things. Please keep us informed.

  • I'm finding this out about rib cartilage pain. I just can't get over how incredibly painful it is. It hurts more than my herniated lumbar discs did. I hope I can get the proper imaging to detect the inflammation, and a steroid injection to help with the pain.

    I've tried stretching and that works wonderful but only helps for a little bit and then it comes right back again. I don't suppose stretching can reduce inflamed cartilage. And when a person is generally weak most the time, it's hard to do any kind of exercises to benefit the body. Plus pain brings strength down tremendously.

    Thank you :)

  • Sorry to read you're in some discomfort Amy xxx

    I was getting pain around my right breast, under the same side armpit and in the bone top of my right arm....I was imagining breast cancer? bone cancer? lymph glands? Cancer runs in my family so its the first thing that springs to mind

    Saw the rheumatology consultant earlier this year, routine yearly check up, and he decided the pain in my arm was tendonitis. He prescribed gabapentin to relieve nerve pain. Shortly after that app gp reception rang to say they wanted to see me, nothing urgent

    The young gp I saw wanted to talk about the need for gabapentin and a minor problem with the urine test the hospital had done. He asked me did I think I needed some antibiotics which rendered me a bit speechless and I stared a bit stupidly at him....found my voice and said wasnt that his decision seeing as he knew what the test results meant better than I did. The outcome was no antibiotics and me leaving a bit puzzled as to exactly what the problem was?

    I told him about the breast pain and he examined me thoroughly, no lumps, no swellings all seemed well. I had shingles (must be over 2 years ago) and it looks like the pain is from the damage left behind. I still have a bit of rash under the breast that comes and goes. The bone pain is still around and I'm still wondering if inflammation is all thats wrong, its gone on for a few months now. Just have to trust the docs know their trade

    I had a mammogram recently and that was all clear, they've extended the tests. I was surprised to get a letter offering an app at 70 years of age, I took advantage of it. I hope you get the same results xx

    Its very worrying when pain comes and you're not sure why or whats causing it. I had quite severe pain in my rib cage several years ago. Didnt get it checked out but I remembered my mother having the same problems as a young woman and it being pleurisy. She used to wrap bandages round her chest and go to work regardless as she didnt like anything related to doctors and hospitals....she survived :) Let us know the results....

  • Wow!!! That's very funny story about your mom, and your GP asking you if you wanted some antibiotics!? I wonder what he saw in your urine test results! Too funny.

    I have neurontin for nerve pain. It works great at 600mgs, and it works well on anxiety too. But I have been having the sleepiness problem lately so if I take it I just fall asleep or can't keep my eyes open all day.


  • I've just remembered reading the posts again that my gp and I decided on (I think it was) 8 antibiotic tablets, "just to make sure and be on the safe side" Maybe I'll ask about it again one day...if I

    I only take 100mg gabapentin, thats the prescribed dose, at night before I go to bed and one in the morning if I need it. He was reluctant to make it any higher but it has helped

    My mother was a trooper, never let anything beat her, she fought all the way despite many problems in her later years..she's much missed

  • I have had j

    Sle for 10 years with r

    Painful ribs all 10 years

  • Yi Chrimmany!!

    I hate rib pain.

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