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I've been PIP Undered!


I got the dreaded brown envelope today.

My PIP has been reduced to standard instead of enhanced and if they decide I have been overpaid I will have to pay them back.

I've just had a brief call to the friend who accompanied me to check on some points the assessor made. The report says I refused to be examined, and neither of us can remember my being asked! I would certainly have allowed it if asked. Apparently, the fact that I could hold and drink from a bottle of water means I can cook a meal. My hand strength and dexterity is A OK. Interesting. The rheumy last week said my grip was pathetic and I have special exercises to do.

I could go on. Friend and I will sit down to compare and contrast this assessment's outcomes and the last one. I will be going down the mandatory route. With some luck, the rheumy' s letter should be available in the timescale.

It's so frustrating! I won't go broke on the difference in money, it's the feeling I haven't been believed and the assessor was less than diligent. 😡

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Lupiknits, please please get in touch with Fightback4Justice, FB presence good, and they have an amazing team of qualified helpers. Do not just take this as read, get advice, and remember you are entitled to a copy of the assessors report, and you won't be surprised that they can bear little resemblence to your assessment.

Thank you! Very helpful

So sorry at your pip downgrade. Citizens Advice is another good place to get help with this. They'll know how to tackle the DWP. Best of luckX

Yes I would appeal and it's a common theme now for the accessors to tell a pack off lies good luck xxx


You'd think the trouble they have got themselves into already they'd have learned wouldn't you! It has recently been admitted many patients have been underpaid ...

All the very best with the appeal.

Do you know what qualifications your assessor had? Unless that person has some sort of recognised clinical qualification they surely have no right to examine you?

From what I have read a lot of the assessors have only had some sort of short training course,& personally I would not be willing to have that person touch me.

I hope you get things sorted satisfactorily. I am truly appalled at the way these assessments are carried out...I am sorry you are having to put up with it.

If I ever had to attend any sort of interview like that I would get hold of some sort of recording device as there seem to be many untruths put forward as fact.......& not by the applicants.Yes I know that is probably not allowed, but neither should making untrue statements by the assessors!


Well I know the dreadful feeling of being disbelieved LK so I’m very sorry. If you find those kind of flaws then you really could take it to tribunal - are you thinking of doing this?

I only got 5 points and they said my grip was only slightly weak. The OT measured it with a device around this time and said it was terrible. I would have asked him to put this in writing for me but he went off for 2 months on extended compassionate leave.

Now I know that my grip is so bad due to herniated discs and radiculopathy so feel vindicated. They were all so awful, from nasty neuro to pip official and 3 Cheshire Cat women on my tribunal.

My hubby won’t let me reapply now because he says it so nearly sent me off the rails and he can’t bear this to happen again. It’s very distressing being doubted I know. But doubting is their chosen approach so please don’t feel they actually are doubting you - they are paid to doubt everyone. Xx

Thank you all. Yes, I am going to take it further, without a doubt.


Another waste of your time and energy.

And lupies are supposed to avoid stress as it’s a trigger.

It’s shameful.

I’m glad you are going to challenge it but try to not let it make you more ill. Easier said than done, I know!


Dear Lupiknits,

Just get ALL the information, about yourself, together. Speak to your Doctors/Consultants and Appeal! Don't be Intimidated, by the process, I found the Appeal Board VERY helpful indeed. They clearly DID, actually read, the letters From Doctors etc. The 'Result', in my case, being in mind that the same information was presented- My Benefit entitlement was UPPED! Yes, I Ended Up, on the Higher Rate. (mind you, I DID have about 120 pages of Evidence)

I, really do, understand your Frustration- this Assessment System 'Stinks'- however, the Appeals System maybe only 'Smells'. Good luck Lupiknits, let us know, well you.


Thanks again to all. I saw my therapist today ( who hates DWP with a passion) He's given some pointers. First of all, as I wasn't offered an examination and nor did I refuse one, it is reasonable to have false information attributed to me removed ( and that includes the original letter). However that's further down the path. He said that if your application has to state how you are on your WORST day, then deciding I'm fine because on THAT day I held and drank from a bottle of water rather defeats the object.

However, I have plenty of medical info to throw at them. It's just ridiculous that it's a waste of tax payer's money.

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Sear Lupiknits,

Yes DO make, just about, f..king 'Everything' as if it is your worst day. If you can 'Manage' (sorry) to Stagger and maybe, need to 'hold on', somewhere.....I know but it's the System, you're up against.

I AM aware, that this 'feels' like Cheating, But unfortunately, if you don't DO this, then you won't get the Support That You Need. Trust me I felt just as 'bad', about doing it, but it worked for me. You, very clearly are, an extremely deserving case so 'Throw Away Your Pride' (or just put it in a box, for a bit) and Go, For It.

Once again, good luck.


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Thanks Andrew. My DLA, then transferred to PIP ( at the same rate) were all "bad days" to the point of making me cry when I saw it in black and white. This time has been no different, but I think "the other side" have forgotten !

I'm not ashamed to say my worst days involve doing nothing except lying down and drinking water. No food, total withdrawal from the word, and contemplating my exit plans.

Oh well, I'll do my civic duty and make them wish they hadn't forgotten the rules.

You should complain to the assessment company about the assessor if they have lied , I complained about an assessor and the assessment company agreed I had cause for complaint and told the dwp to disregard the report . Have they actually said you have to pay the money back or are you assuming that will happen I've not heard of that happening . They are not suppose to make a decision about what happened on the day of the assessment it says that in the guide they have to follow . These assessors are not medical people as far as I am concerned the one who assessed me asked me if I was still having symptoms from the meningitis I had in 2011 , he was talking about it as if it was a condition rather than an infection , in the report were it said what symptoms does she have from the meningitis he put SHE'S CURED . He also put that symptoms of blood clots are dizziness in her head , this was a nurse supposedly , oh and I could lift both my legs from lying down , he did the excercises whilst I was sitting in a chair . You know it's common for these people to lie and not follow the rules so don't get too upset just appeal , it's totally wrong that people should be assessed by people who know nothing about our condition , I have had nurses say to me what's lupus when I've been in hospital they haven't a clue and they don't read the evidence we send like you say only appeal courts do that . I have sent off my reconsideration just waiting to get my appeal forms back because as we all know they never change the decision at the mandatory reconsideration stage . Good luck with yours take care .

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Thanks for this Buffy. I've already decided the notion of paying back is nonsensical. That would mean the first assessor was wrong, because there is otherwise no way of deciding at what point I "improved ".

I've no idea the qualification of the assessor, and when I get a copy of her report will ask. A complaint will follow. All this in due course. Thank you.

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It said on the report that mine was a nurse so hopefully yours will to , my friend asked him if he was a medic at the assessment because of the daft comments he made about meningitis and he said he was a nurse . Good luck with it x

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I am on this forum as it was originally thought I had lupus but in fact I have Behcets disease. The first thing the assessor said to me is 'you ll have to spell that one, I ve never heard of it' she then proceeded to give me zero points but the dwp did changed their minds on the mandatory reconsideration and awarded me enough points for standard care.


I'm waiting for appeal Tribunal. If you want to pick my brain at all feel free to PM me.

I'm so so sorry your going through this. My heart starts beating rapidly with the thought of a brown envelope, so I get it.

If I can be of any help let me know.


Thank you! I certainly will x

The very best of luck to you ❤🌻

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