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Update on the breast screening

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Hi all

Its me again! So today was my appointment for the screening. I went with my mum, because we thought it will be very quick. I got called by the nurse and she checked and found two lumps (on my left breast) and marked it l , she said i needed a scan. I went back to the waiting room and after awhile got called back in for the scan. The radiologist did the scan and asked me if i have had any truma to the breast? I told her i cant recall any at the moment. After the scan she said i needed a mammogram. So i had to get dressed again and go back to the waiting area. I got called in for the mammogram, the nurses were really good. I asked her if she had seen any boobs as big as mine and she said " way much bigger๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚". So finally they said i had fat necrosis which may have been from a hit to my breast and that the mammogram saw two more lumps which they hadn't seen when the touched it. They called it fibroadenoma the good new is that they think is not malignant but they will still do a biopsy on monday and send me the result a week later. So thats my day, i made an oat bread with my son but chest began to hurt i stock around in the kitchen to get it out of the oven. Got to my room took my GTspray which calmed the pain down. So this is the update as i promised. Fingers crosses everything will be ok come monday. Has anyone had fibroadenoma and fat necrosis pls let me know how yours went. Thanks and God bless.


Ijeasike xxxx

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Wishing you well. I don't have any relevant information.

ijeasike in reply to baba

Ur wishes are enough. ๐Ÿ˜™

Prayers to you Ijea...I was just told by my doctor I need a mammo and ultrasound. One of my breasts has nipple retraction. I am trying not to panic. Have an appt friday. And to top it off my kidney function is bad. Need to see a nephrologist. All in one week. Just started a new job with benefits. So, I am blessed that I have coverage, but scared of the outcome. Take care.

ijeasike in reply to Natura

Oh dear u have a lot on ur plate lately. I hope your appointment goes and things could be sorted out. I will keep u in my prayers as always and let us know how the appointment goes. Remain blessed my dear. Take care and God bless.

Ije xxx

Hi Ijeaslike

Best of luck for your tests tomorrow. Sorry I don't have experience of the breast oedema etc. Just wanted to wish you well at such a worrying time. X

ijeasike in reply to misty14

Thank u

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