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allodynia maybe?

today i woke up with different parts of my skin hurting but no rash. it almost feels like theres a really bad bruise or something on some spots but there isn't. it hurts to touch. i had the air on in the car and it hurt for the air to blow in my skin! it's ridiculous. i haven't gotten any other weird skin symptoms before. i have had this in the past a few times.

my question is, is this common with lupus? i googled and it was mostly about like fibro

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I've been the same. I thought it was the sun, even though I have sun block on. My skin feels sore and sensitive.


Yes it is lupus,, a little bit of sunshine can aggregate the skin. I never had it before till a few weeks ago and I thought it was 3rd degree burns. That's how it felt. The wind the air con the water everything hurt bad, I had to cover my hands and arms in long sleeves to stop the pain. Sometimes it can come just from a reaction from the Meds... Our body changes constantly wit new issues x


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