Maybe I have lupus?

Hello everyone,

I just recently moved to a very humid/hot place from a colder climate. Now that I recall, my face has had redness on and off for the past year. I have always thought that it was just dry skin. Since I moved here, I have been walking in really hot humid weather. On the first week I was here, I woke up with some mysterious bumps on the elbow joint. The doctor said that they were bites even though he did not even looked at them. So I thought..crap...bed bugs. After a week of many bug inspections, it was confirmed that my apartment had no signs of bugs. Just yesterday I found another mark similar to the ones on my arm just this time it was on my ankle. This morning I had more. They are painful, even if I just softly pat them. So I started to think about all the symptoms that I have experienced during the past three weeks. My head has been itchy, my left eyes has been swollen, my ankles and hands have also been swollen, I have had hives of all types, my throat gets sore all of a sudden. My upper body is tender, especially at night along with my hip pain. The joints in my arms feel swollen from the inside. However, the symptom that scares me the most is my fatigue. I am never able to go to sleep in class or strangers cars. But just this week I found myself feeling so sleepy like my eyes weighted 200lbs. Also, during class, I cant concentrate because my fatigue is so bad. I even forgot I had an assignment due. I thought that maybe I suffer from Lupus, ever since my legs were in pain when I would go to bed. Like a really bad pain from the inside. My sleeve tattoo also flares up all the time. I never complained because I did not want to be seen as weak. After freaking out for almost three weeks, I began to read about lupus. It seems that a lot of lupus patients have many of the symptoms that I have been suffering from. My theory is that the change in climate triggered my lupus to another ball game. I am really scare because I do not want this to affect my school. I am really dreading going back to the hospital. Can anybody relate to my story? Let me know what you guys think?

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Maybe you can be referred to see a Rheumatologist? I'm so sorry you are feeling so badly and your doctor just brushed you off. (((hugs)))


It's hard to know what is happening to you. At the bare minimum, I think you need a physical exam where you discuss ALL the symptoms you've mentioned along with complete blood work (CBC, lipid panel, iron panel, thyroid panel, mono test, Lyme, vitamin deficiencies, and an ANA. Probably should do a urinalysis as well).

Is there any family history of rheumatological disorders? Or any other disorders in your family's medical history?

Please make an appt with your doc and arm yourself with as much information as you can. S/he will want to know any meds or supplements you are on, list of symptoms, family history, etc.

Good luck!

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Hello ,

I have lupus and have had it for 3 years now. I am doing chemo pills treatments and take a lot of medicine. To me, it could be, but like my doctor has said in the past that is a top doctor for National Jewish Hospital in Denver, the best thing you can do is take pictures, and write down how you feel right there and then. Documentation is the best to help you and your doctors. Yes I have had 2 positive ANA's but you don't have a positive ANA , to have lupus, but get pictures and I keep a journal ,and write down things that change everyday, because you have lupus, or any immune diseases, your pain and swelling can change so fast. Please take care of yourself and if you need anything else, please ask.


Terri from Fort Collins, Colorado


UPDATE: So I have gone to urgent care twice in a matter of 3 weeks. All the doctors just say I have a viral infection. I keep getting prescribed allergy medications. Which do not work. I am waiting to go see my primary care doctor. More symptoms keep showing up, like back pain. I am trying to stay calm because every time I stress I get a rash and I itch everywhere.


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