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Second wave of NHS letters?

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Dear all, I received a 'at risk of severe illness' letter from NHS on 8/04/20 saying to stay at home for at least 12 weeks from receipt of letter.

I have MCTD and am on hydroxychloroquine, should note I also have coeliac disease and am offered the flu jab annually

Just wondering if anyone else has got one recently? I want expecting to get one.

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Hello Bella, it was on the news somewhere that due to three times as many people volunteering to help with shielding, the government (in England) has increased the number of those eligible for support while shielding!

In Scotland, I think the first round of letters from the NHS has gone out, but the supermarkets haven't been given the list of people shielding so don't know who to prioritise....

Stay safe! xxx

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Jhpc in reply to eekt

Hi eekt my sister received her first NHS letter on Thursday she lives in Scotland, she is disabled.

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eekt in reply to Jhpc

Yes, the first Scottish letter I heard of was last Monday - but still no help with food deliveries?

Stay safe xxx

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Jhpc in reply to eekt

They should now be priority for shopping, don’t know how it works though.

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eekt in reply to Jhpc

Seems ScotGov still has to give the supermarkets the shielding list, like in England! xxx

I also have MCTD and take Hydroxychloroquine. I am also Coeliac and have had a flu jab. I also had chemo last year. And I’m 76 !

I didn’t get a letter !

It all seems a bit random to me.

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BellaC79 in reply to bones-bones

Oh goodness bones- bones. Well I hope you have been able to stay safely at home these past few weeks and have assistance as required by family and friends. Perhaps as you are over 70 they are assuming you are staying in? Does seem a little random though as you say.

Stay safe x

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bones-bones in reply to BellaC79

Thank you Bella. I don’t need ‘the letter’ as we stay in. Waitrose and Sainsbury’s have got me down as vulnerable though I don’t know where they got that from !

Good Luck to us all !

Yes I got letter from Rhemtoligist then letter from my GP last week both saying the same. I am wondering how my 6 weekly blood test will be done.

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chrisj in reply to Marg77

Maybe they'll will come to your home?

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Marg77 in reply to chrisj

Thank you chrisj, yes that's what I was thinking too or maybe on reflection I could as I'm able too, drive to my GP for my bloods to be taken as I had to do that last week for a emergency ECG on my heart.

I got the "at severe risk of illness" by text on my mobile on March 23rd from the NHS Coronavirus Service. Please stay home for a minimum of 12 weeks. You may open a window but do not leave home....

It was a bit of a shock, my son wasnt surprised but I was. The texts continued day after day with advice about living in isolation, all from the NHS. I've since had the letters with the same information from my GP, the Dep of Health and Social Care and the last one coming from Downing street complete with a booklet about the virus....

I've had a walk up the road and back, stood outside the local corner shop while son went in for bread and milk. Our biggest fear has been shopping as we rely on weekly shops from the supermarkets online. Its been very difficult trying to find a slot and book a date and my son has agoraphobia so the corner shop is as far as he will go. His weekly support to get out has stopped for now.

Sainsburys contacted me by e mail a few weeks ago saying they'd identified me as vulnerable and offering slots. Couldn't get one last week but but this week will be our 3rd booking. I've come to dread food shopping online wondering if all is well and whether we'll be lucky enough to get the shopping in.

I just got mine too, i think I was kinda on edge of getting it. Looking at the flowchart thing they were going by. But I’m on hydroxychloroquine and methotrexate. I’ve got constant chest involvement, was put back on steroid inhaler just at start of March. I’ve been hospitalised with pneumonia years ago. And I’m constantly low in my neutrophils count. So I was self isolating anyway since 19th March. I’m guessing my GP added me.

I received one also last week and I have MCTD, coeliac disease, raynaud's disease, fibromyalgia, neuropathy and high blood pressure. I have recently stopped methotrexate but do take a cocktail of different meds including hydrocodone xoxo

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