Occupational Health tomorrow - ill health retirement

Meeting with my Occ Health doctor tomorrow to make an application for ill health retirement.

I will be at something of a disadvantage, as I have not yet seen the consultant reports he requested before Xmas. In fact, of the 3, the only one I have seen recently is my rheumy, and he surprised me by describing my condition in new terms - "Fibromyalgia with significant auto-immune involvement". So I anticipate I may have to absorb and cope with whatever new views the Three Wise Men have about my illness and prognosis as well as discussing retirement etc.

I'd be grateful if anyone has any tips or thoughts, especially regarding:

1. I have made no enquiries regarding benefits as yet - but tomorrow I go onto zero sick pay. Should I ask my Occ Health consultant for anything to support a possible claim?

2. Any Dos and Don'ts for this consultation?

I had two OK days over the weekend, and my optimistic side immediately thought, "Maybe I will get better and not have to retire". Luckily (!!??), I have been bashed flat again this week, so at least I go in with one clear objective!

Thanks x

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  • Just want to wish you all the vvvv best for tomorrow. Am sure you'll get some great replies. I like the way your preparing for whatever diagnostic twists come your way!

    Take care πŸ€πŸ˜˜πŸ€πŸ˜˜ coco

  • Thanks coco, I'm getting the hang of it ;)

  • πŸ˜† πŸ‘ πŸ€

  • Good luck for tomorrow....I am in EXACTLY the same boat as you. Seeing Occi Health tomorrow to hear my reports and apply for ill health retirement.

  • thank you. I will post again shortly with how it went. I hope you will too x

  • Good luck for your assessment I too am in the same boat now at the point of retiring due to ill health how many times I have fought myself saying I will go back to work :)

    One good thing is my consultant is an amazing lady and she has already told me she will write the letter and I qualify with my lupus alone.

    For us all its a scary time and the benefits part is a nightmare where do we start??

    But if you need someone anytime to natter to etc I have plenty of time on my hand.x

  • Glad to hear your doctor is so supportive; the money side is a worry we could do without, isn't it? Thanks for the offer of a chat too - same here x

  • Yes I must admit the money part of it is a worry because it is really something that in my mind I never thought would happen that I would have to retire early still have a good few years left to work x

  • Hi whisper it

    Good luck for occupational health appointment. Tough to face up to so I hope it goes well. I'd phone Citizens Advice, tell them what your having to do and they will advise about benefits. All paperwork that you might get from Occ Health , keep as it could help future benefit claims. x

  • Thank you. Good point about the paperwork; I am going to ask for copies of everything. Right! Time to go - appointment in an hour x

  • Hi whisperit,

    I only just saw this, have not been checking in here much lately.

    I really hope your meeting went well, just wanted to say that I've been there and I've got the t shirt!

    I took ill health retirement 2 1/2 years ago now from the nhs, I was so sad to give up, but it was the right thing to do, it was just so stressful getting to work, before I started my stressful job.

    Hopefully it went your way, but it didn't get some advice and make sure you appeal.

    Good luck πŸ€

  • Thanks, creaky,

    I just got back. My Occ Health doctor says he will be supporting my application, so that is good. It now gets sent to some panel somewhere in the depths of the NHS bureaucracy and I will get a decision in 6 weeks or so x

  • Well done!

    First bit is over then, the panel didn't quibble once I got the support of the occasional health doctor, hopefully it will be the same for you. πŸ€

  • that's encouraging, thank you

  • Sorry I too missed this.

    I had to accept ill health retirement. The good news is that will usually accept this, as it costs more to keep your job open when you cant work. If you haven't already, ask for copies of those reports just in case. Call employment support agency now explain that you no longer receive benefit and that you have applied for ill health retirement. You may qualify for payments either based on your own contributions (if you've paid in enough) or through your partner if you have one. Contribution based is better as they don't look at spouse earnings. When you then receive any pension from work ie I had paid into an NHS pension they will top it up. Good luck.

  • That's very helpful, johare. I am meeting with HR on Monday and I will go through all this with them; thanks for giving me a starting point.

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