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So I had my OH appointment yesterday because work referred to me.

The doc agreed with the things on my risk assessments. His thinks physio and using a hydrotherapy pool would greatly help me. So when I go back to consultant I will ask about them things .

His told me I should be alright for now at work if they make adjustments needed. He suggested moving back to one of the hoisting classes and not being in my new class which is more manual transfers and floor stuff.

His asked me about my career goals. I said honestly I don’t have one . I’m living day by day currently .

He told me to considered getting a job that doesn’t expect the physical level mine does.

I’ve taken that on board a lot now. I’m thinking about different jobs now.

I’m doing a job I love but I don’t want to be unable to work when I’m 30 because I’ve gone full out in this job.

I’m thinking maybe a speech and language Therapist. I want to start making changes now. As I need lots of qualifications before I could even get on to any uni course for any degree to get a different job.

I’m really thinking about my options now . I just want to get my sociology course done this year and then think about the future!

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👌 So good you're planning a way forward...so hard when we're left in LaLaLand...might there be a possibility that your employer will support you through further education ? After all, you could be back as a post-graduate anyway, given your skills ? 🤞🤞🤞 xxx

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LouLamb in reply to eekt

Thank you. My employer wouldn’t support you through any learning. They aren’t the best bosses !

I will ask in time x

We are all supporting you LouLamb , i am inspired by your posts as you are always so positive. You will do well at whatever you choose to do , you have all our very best wishes xx

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LouLamb in reply to weathervane

Thank you . I couldn’t do all the mental head stuff with out the support from all of you x

Hi LouLamb,

Glad to hear you are so positive about your future and that you are thinking of lots of different options. Maybe you could get sponsored through work, just think how you got through the driving.

Stay positive like you normally do fingers crossed🤞

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LouLamb in reply to MEW53

Well you never know there might be new learning post and job stuff on here in time ! 🙂

Hi loulamb

Very pleased to read you had a helpful OH assessment!. Glad it will help you decide the direction your best to go in given your health st work and future career. It's hard when that gets in the way but I'm sure you will overcome it and be very successful because your so positive.

Good luck with getting hydro help and your sociology course. X

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LouLamb in reply to misty14

Thank you !

I’m not doing what I thought I would be in life but making the best of it x

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misty14 in reply to LouLamb

It's your very positive attitude Lou that will get you thru with resukts you want and need!. It's far better to try a different tack and succeed than to stay on same course and fail!. No good for your self esteem. I was 14 when I first became ill and despite lots of difficulties I got 7 GCSE's and 1 ALevel. I had plans for a career but haven't managed to work since I left school so your doing really wel despite your health problems. I did sociology and loved it. I think you'll find it a big help in the work you want to do. Good luckX

Good luck !!

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LouLamb in reply to HazelW

Thank you x

Once again you show far more sense than I had at your age and much older. Speech therapy seems to tie in quite closely with the current work you love. I know that getting those qualifications seems hard and a long way off, but my SIL did it at the age of 40, with two children at home. She started from the point of having no A Levels.

In the meantime, the OT assessment is a good idea to go with. All the best with your exams x

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LouLamb in reply to Lupiknits

Thank you !!

I have no a-levels. I’m thinking about looking for a higher access course which will give me the equivalent to A-levels. So then I can progress on to a course ! X

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Lupiknits in reply to LouLamb

Go for it! You are amazingly positive and a really good example to us all x

My oldest went the long way round to get to uni and has ended up in a job he loves , worth it in the end xx

As did mine. Was just scraped away from completely going off the tracks by a very dedicated school. When I phoned the teacher who was the most determined and gave him so many chances, she was in tears.

My so was 21 before he went to uni , he had settled down and knew what he wanted to do , if he had gone at 18 i think he would have dropped out !

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LouLamb in reply to weathervane

How long did it take him ? X

A uni course is usually 3 yrs Lou. I don't know very much about careers advice these days, but some might be available. It could be worth having a look/enquiring at universities nearby, too x

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LouLamb in reply to Lupiknits

Thank you x

Congratulations LouLamb you have found yourself a champion Dr. I am not sure as it can vary you still may need to find one in the Rheumo or Endo area if you feel that particular Specialist does not have your back and they don’t appear to be really interested in your diagnosis and how they can best help you,

All the best



Thank you . X

Best of luck Lou, I know you'll do something you'll still love! As long as you can put the effort in you can get there X

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LouLamb in reply to Penguintaz

Thank you. I need to have more faith and confidence in myself and I think with that I can achieve as well x

Faith & hope are essential and I am sure that you have them in bucket loads, you just have to let them show & bring them out.

I am not sure at what age you are are classified as a mature aged student in UK.

In Aust its only 21 and as some people have stated already it shows someone with more life skills and the potential ability not to have to do A levels you can get in the Uni course by already mentioned skills , persistence and as Lupiknits so wisely said you are so very positive & have such a positive influence on others by your caring and enthusiastic nature. They are just a few amazing qualities that you possess. Try & think of some of your other including generously sharing positive information to others on this forum if you think it may help someone.

Is Speech Therapy the area you would like to persue? It is an incredible degree to have and you help so many people and can literally help them turn their lives around! I have a friend who is a Speech Therapist and when I was working on a Neurological & Neurological Intensive care unit she would organise a time with me to bring her very worst stutterers to me on a private and individual basis.

They needed to see someone calm & non threatening to practice on. She got some amazing results & this is just one small part of Speech Therapy. This is such an important area of medicine.

The second time I went to University there was a women who was just finishing her last module for a particular kind of engineering.

It blew me away as she already had her first job organised & contract signed as an engineer to the South Pole!

(We were all in awe of her beliefs & strength of mind). Clearly she did not have any medical problems precluding such an arduous job. I learnt from her that if any one wants something badly enough they will keep going until they get it. So good luck with that one LouLamb. I am proud to be a women & especially so when the particular woman may have to get over a few more hurdles than most women (you with your medical problems, the engineer with her age which would go against most people applying to do a degree) this sort of woman has to go the extra mile and may find it more difficult in some areas. Universities now are set up to help people who may have a particular issue or problem. I was offered someone to write down the answers to exam questions & I would read my answers out to her when my hands, wrists, fingers etc were relapsing

and it was too difficult to write.

Best wishes always LouLamb xx


M.G. 🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀

Thank you !

I would love to do something like speech therapist because I know how important is for the disable children I work with to have them.

The different approaches to communication can help make a huge difference in their lives.


LouLamb that is a wonderful thing that you have chosen, it sounds like you have a calling for this very important work. Did you find out about mature entry levels at Uni there as you may not have to worry about doing your seniors (21 & over is mature entry level here in Australia I am not sure if it’s the same in the UK).

The fact that you are already working in this important area of medicine should help you immensely. Let me know how you go, as Ai would be surprised if you have to do your seniors,

All the best for getting your Uni placement

Suzee xxx



I haven’t had a look yet. I will go some googling soon and find out what I need.

Good luck everone is with you.?Im hoping with your qualities & work experience that will be sufficient for Uni entrance



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