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Currently in remission but watching very closely

Hello! I was diagnosed with lupus nephritis stage 4 last year, and went into remission after 2 months of treatment. I go for checkups every quarter to make sure that I am still on track. Does not sound like anything interesting but if you have any question with regards to my journey to recovery, lupus nephritis, renal biopsy, proteinuria etc. you could ask me here.

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Hi LLLin. I know you posted a long time ago but just found it now! That’s great news that you went into remission so quickly. What medication were you on? Are you still on treatment now or could you come off? I’ve just been diagnosed with nephritis class 4 and have started on prednisolone and mycophenolate. I feel so much better since I’ve started treatment and all my initial symptoms (rash, enlarged lymph nodes, hair loss) seem to have disappeared already so I’m hoping everything is doing it’s job!


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