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Cramps!! Legs, arms, name it!!


Hi everyone. I am hoping someone here might be able to help me. I’m new to this community but have had Systemic Lupus Nephritis since I was 7 years old (am now 46). I suffer a lot from leg and hand/arm cramps and have just had yet another torturous night without much sleep due to excruciating leg cramps. My consultants have never been able to recommend anything for these cramps (other than water, rest etc...which I do and still get them!). Do any of you suffer from the same and have you discovered any remedies etc which help? Thanks so much!!

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Hello and welcome. i get this and yes very much worse at night when my disease acitivity is out of control. Lou xx

I used to get this till they found out I was chronically low in potassium, also due to a chronic kidney problem. The two seem to go hand in hand.

I take 5 grams of effervecent potassium a day and that has fixed it.

The low potassium also caused me 6 hospital A and E visits with heart arrythmia.

Maybe get levels checked andhope you find relief soon. xx

Cat_Mum in reply to cuttysark

Thanks so much! I used to be on Potassium but they stopped it not long ago. Maybe that’s why I’m getting more cramps than usual. I’ll ask them to relook at the levels again. I get occasional heart arrhythmia as well but have mainly ignored them!! Xx

louise-a in reply to Cat_Mum

ah interesting I have the arrhyhmia too found on heart monitor. x

I get cramps really persistent and more painful than normal cramps but my potassium level is good. doctors not much good.

Low magnesium can also be a factor in cramping. That is not so easily measured as blood levels are usually very low anyway.

hmm I will check to see if I have been tested for that. I have low white and red cells [on Iron again at the moment] I'm on hydroxychloroquine so the quinine in it is supposed to help but still get the cramps. thanks for the tip.

I go through bouts of excruciating foot and calf cramps periodically at night. I didn't know it might be related to my lupus (SLE)? When it's happening I have night after night of being repeatedly woken. It's exhausting. In the grip of the cramp I get some relief within a couple of minutes from applying a magnesium oil spray. Im aware it can also be used preventatively as part of a daily routine to restore the body's magnesium levels. (I've never had my levels tested).

I have tried tonic water. The quinine is supposed to counter cramps. I take mine with gin, but that's optional!

Cat_Mum in reply to Justinealexx

That’s brilliant! Maybe I should switch my usual drink from

Vodka on the rocks to vodka tonic! I’ll check out the magnesium oil spray. Thank you!!

Maybe the gin makes it so you don't care about the cramps.

Hic! 😀

Well, maybe an added bonus 😂

Hi there Cat-Mum - So sorry to read you are going through this - I can totally empathise with you and have written a lot about this on the site myself. I used to take Holland & Barrett Magneisum Calcium Zinc combo up until a couple of years ago - but stopped as thought I had another supplement that sorted everything out. Increasingly in the last year or so I started to have very bad cramps up until it got to the point I was frightened of the onset of the evening when they started. I could be sitting on the sofa and suddenly one would come upon me - not just over night which is awful eh? Youre woken up unceremoniously by your own body, making you fling yourself out of bed (not great if youre already up the spout with joint issues etc!) and doing anything you can to get rid of it. My cramp in the end was allover the feet/toes, up the ankle and up the front of the shins... I didnt know what to do as you cant stretch front of shins out.. I remember nights and nights of nearly screaming in pain, gasping and almost in tears until I managed to get rid of it by walking and deep breathing. Anyway - after asking my GP for anything that could help he prescribed Quinine. I read up about it and wasnt too keen on the side effects so googled natural remedies etc (as I woudl normally first for any kind of health issue as I was brought up that way) and hey presto I came across a ton of articles about the wonders of magnesium and that if you dont have enough it will lead to muscle spasms. So I started taking mag/cal/zinc combo tabs again the next day - and guess what.... no more cramps. Im overjoyed... Obviously drinking lots of water is essential too and and as healthy a diet as you can. i have to take one tab in the am and two mid evening... and now my cramps are a distant memory. Maybe google and read up yourself and see what you think. Have to say though if I am over tired and havent been active much in the day,plus had a cup of even weak jasmine tea after 3pm, trying to get to sleep is hard... my body and mind isn;t tired enough.. and a little bit of caffiene is still in my body as I know I shouldnt drink any after midday as veyr sensitive. I start to get tense and then I do get Restless Leg... and arm and shoulders.. if you get that too Im so sorry as its pretty awful eh? I do hope thats helpful... I really suggest you try the magnesium combo I mentioned as I know its that that has cured me. Do have a look at the other posts on this subject as one chap put on a great link to an chat by a health bod extolling magnesiums virtues on this. All the best and let us know how you get on! D x

Hi - try Magnesium spray on your legs and when you rub it in it will transfer to your hands. I use Olbas Oil too on arms, legs, neck . Deep Freeze pain patches - neither of these have drugs just menthol, eucalyptus etc in them. Patches work for 12 hours. Good luck

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