What is happening to our appointments???

ive read on here a few times in the past re clinics been closed or people unable to get appointments with their specialists and I always thought thank goodness my local hospital isn't like that,yes the clinics where packed,2 hour waits etc but since January ive had my appointment cancelled but they forgot to send me a letter,been missed off the list and had to chase them for 3 days to get back on a list and 4 months ago I was told by my doctor we will see you in September at clinic and I will get a yey or ney to try for a much longed for baby(had to change meds in feb) I hadn't received any appointment yet so rang them last mth,they told me your on the list for sept,dnt worry,still no letter so rang them yesterday spoke to 3 people to find out I was on the list but it looks like they 8 weeks behind,ive waited so long I dnt want to wait another 8 weeks....I think its unfair I constantly have to chase appointments,my lupus nurse has just rang and she said she could try to get me into her clinic I said not to be rude but I would prefer to see a doctor,dnt know if that went down well but isn't it my right,they put you on this this toxic medication,and tell me not to get pregnant until they give you the thumbs up but carnt fit me in after been on a list for 16 weeks ,the nurse said this happens constantly and they get the backlash,what can we do to be pro-active?? anyone suggestions or anyone with the same prob?

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you could try calling your docters secratry to see if you could be fitted in at one off his clinics


I understand your frustration. Saw the Rheumy at the beginning of August, they were concerned with my dizzy spells and said that my next appointment (Nov) will be changed and brought forward as they were changing my meds. Well, I got a letter cancelling my Nov appointment and my new appointment is now in Feb!! ...also I've recently lost nearly my entire head of hair which I've found very traumatic so tried to call and arrange an earlier appointment without success.....luckily for me, I have a fantastic GP who is really supportive so she's trying to get my appointment changed for me!

I really hope you have some luck soon.

Keep strong. Xxx


Last time I went to outpatients, I was told that they will send me a letter with my appointment a couple of weeks before. That should have been in September and when I rang up they said they were behind and that they (the admin staff) didn't like the system at all - not working for them or the patients! For me, I'm lucky in that I don't have severe symptoms like some of you so I think I'd be better off having a regular telephone chat with the lupus nurse but then getting an early appointment with the specialist if she and I agree that's necessary. If all the routine appointments like me were on that system, then there would be plenty for those of you who need it. Perhaps we should make that suggestion through our local groups to the local hospitals - although I suspect each one will have its own system.

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thank u all seems like we all in the same boat xx


Ask the rheumy secretary to be put on the cancellation or short notice list. It does work and I have been grateful several times.


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