Facial Sweating

Facial Sweating

I have searched this topic here and found it hasn't been discussed since 5 years ago. So here it goes again.

I have terrible head sweats which seems to mostly roll down my face and especially comes from the sides of the upper part of my nose.

I'm newly or barely diagnosed with Lupus and not on any immunosuppressive meds or steroids yet. I've had Hashimoto's hypothyroidism for 20yrs. This sweating only began when I became very sick with Mono, and now chronic swollen lymph nodes.

I sweat when I'm cold which is very weird, I think. I'm wondering if anyone has found anything to help with the facial or head sweats. I don't care about needing to put makeup on because I am too sick and beyond caring about that. I just want this annoying sweating to stop. My pillow is always soaked when I wake up.

Thank for any help!! :)

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  • I have sweats, too at times but, mine is due to post-menopause. It's frustrate me the way my hair gets soaked the sweat down by back Mt whole body, sometimes but, it's all part of womanhood

  • I too sweat the top part of my body from my wast upwards and my head and pillow is soaking wet. Going to see doctor today to find out what is wrong. Sorry I can't be off any help. Maybe you should make a appointment with your gp to find out the cause of it. From what I know there are a few things that can make this happen. I truly wish you well. Take good care of yourself. Jan xxx

  • It's something a lot of people with a/i disorders have to cope with. My friends used John McEnroe style head bands (former tennis player if you haven't head of him) and wrist bands where it ran down their arms to their hands. I found having a fan going near my bed at night and where I was sitting in the daytime helped a lot. I wore layers I could throw off and put on as required. Some ladies sat with a towel round their necks - and put a thick towel over their pillow at night.

    Can't think of other things they have mentioned ...

  • I was certain this wasn't a ladies only thing. It just does not fit with the hot flashes other people I know have described or what I have seen in people having hot flashes. I don't feel hot but sweat, sweat while freezing.

    Yes I remember John McEnroe!!

  • Hi there. I've been diagnosed 8 years now and I also have hashimotos. When it first happened to me I lived in a hot country I initially thought it was that. Pre diagnosis I was freezing too like wearing a jumper in 40 degrees C . I also had surgical menopause 12 years ago . It often happens after steroids these days but it still does even in cool temps. I agree with whats been said that its most likely an auto immune thing. I'm aware none of this info is a solution. I was led to believe that once my hashimotos was stable I'd be good. Not so ....anyhow here's what I do sometimes paracetamol is good just to keep a mild temp under control irrespective of the cause. My old gynae said don't worry panadol and a shower lol ! I realise that's not the best answer so here is what I actually do . Menopace plus is expensive but that helps . There are two types. Menopace and menopace plus the plus had a second set of tablets in that contains sage leaf extract. It helps me. You can also buy sage lead extract on its own which is listed as being helpful for excess sweating. I've tried it and found the full dose a bit much so I'd take less. It goes without saying that you should probably check with your healthcare provider before trying these to see if they are ok with your current meds etc. I wish there was more we could do . I'd be interested see how you get on . Best of luck . I forgot to add that those methods I use are aimed at menopausal issues but they work well for me whatever the cause .

  • Hey Britchick42, what strength of sage do you take x

  • Hi Biddy75, I go mine from Holland and Barrett they were 285mg you supposed to take two in the morning and two at night after food. I took half that dose and messed about with it until I was happy such as if I was going anywhere with lots of people like out to dinner. Where everyone would look nice and I didn't want to look like a bucket of sweat lol. My doc reminded me that sweating was quite healthy so long as you Keep clean .

  • Hey Britchick42 , Thanks for the advice I work it healthcare and its not nice greeting people with the sweat running down my face , it's so embarrassing x

  • Wonderful info. Thanks much for your input !!

    I noticed an interesting phenomenon. When I'm not sweating, my swellings and inflammation are out of control. This happened to me yesterday. I had a bad day as the humidity was very high for where I live, in Arizona. Every part of my hands were so swollen and sensitive that I could barely move my fingers. But by the end of the day, overall swelling had decreased and the head sweating was in full force.

    So I think we are sweating out our inflammations. I wonder if anyone else believes this could be the cause of sweating? I was at an x-ray or Imaging clinic this morning waiting for a while in the waiting area, and noticed that almost nobody had as many noticeable swollen joints as I have.

    I hope everyone is having is doing well, and thanks again for all the input! :)

  • i don't know why, but every rheumy and most GP appts ask if I get heavy sweating at night. I get a little, and am post menopausal, but it's not enough for them to be concerned. Yet another thing to mention to a doc?

  • Sweats were very bad for me before I was diagnosed with mild lupus. I was getting up in the night and having tepid showers to cope with it. I thought I was having a 2nd menopause but those tests came back clear

    Once diagnosed with SLE and treated with plaquenil it improved. Since then I've been diagnosed with primary sjogrens and woke just the other night with sweat running down my neck, its a regular problem. I keep a towel on my bed and use a cold wet flannel, I even bought a spray that blows icy cold on your face, cant remember what its called and I have a table fan....the floor standing one in my bedroom broke, had to throw it away..both are useful

    Its not easy to live with as they are so uncomfortable but there are ways of coping :) I assume its all linked to immune problems, you're not alone xx

  • I'm glad to hear that Plaquenil is helping you a bit with the sweating. I haven't been put on any immunosuppressive meds yet, but looking forward to it. My Rheumy appt is on June 22.


  • Goodness, yet something else I hadn't realised might be a Lupus thing!

    I also get terrible facial/head sweating. Make up has always disappeared by lunch time, no matter what I try, so I don't bother with it anymore. I had a surgical menopause 3 years ago (and have been on HRT since), so it definitely isn't that. I've had it on and off since my early 20's, since I first started getting 'Lupus' symptoms. I thought it was just me!

  • Hi, I had not realised head sweats cloud be due to lupus. Thank you. Another string to my bow so to speak. Hope you are ok in this hot weather

  • I have had Sjögrens Hypothyroid and mild Raynauds for 10 years. If in our winter I get cold I go into severe shivering attacks. I curl up in bed to try and get warm. When I wake the bedclothes around my head are soaked. When I ask about it they just say that is more a Lupus thing!

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