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A help to those who suffer sweaty nights and power surges!

I've not blogged on Lupus HU before but wanted say to that l to suffer sleepless nights and very uncomfortable days with the hot power surges that was described on a question yesterday .I originally was diagnosed with Hashimotos and had terrible sweats with the levothyroxine l was put on..I stopped taking it and the sweats stopped ( l now take liothyronine, T3) then l was diagnosed with Lupus SLE ,Fibro ,Sjogrens And Hughes syndrome ,chostochronditis and a host of other autoimmune stuff.i can't take any pain meds or plaque-nil as l react vey badly to these and any other meds l DO believe its the autoimmune stuff causing the sweats As l am not on any meds full time ,( only prednisalone when desperate )The nights are worse you get to bed and then every part of your body starts talking to you reminding you not to forget the pain in a certain place! As if!.! because during the day my mind is on other things and l keep on doing .l can try and block what's going on in me..( well somedays !) but the sweats re harder to ignore! l wanted to share this with you hot girls!

My sister brought me a gel cooling pad from the it said on the site that it relieved hot stressed and stiff muscles.she thought it worth a also claims to cool and sooth for hours .it has made a LOT of difference to me. when she told me about it l thought you had to put it in the fridge but when it arrived it says on the box you don't ! I have placed it under my sheet and lay my lower half ( bum and back! ) on it .it keeps cool all night and sort of takes the heat out of your body .it remain cool to the touch all night.l don't have to keep pulling up and then taking of the bed clothes any more. It is not made of the nicest of materials to lay on to be honest ( plastic, a bit like laying on a plastic hospital bed mattress cover ) .BUT you do get used to it and it WORKs. Im going to order another one for under my pillowcase to keep my shoulders and head cool l already suffer from a numb brain ! so l don't think the cold will make it worse! I brought my brother in law a smaller one that he now places on top of his wheel chair cushion so he now doesn't get a hot seat! . The best thing is the price £11.99 for the larger one 14 1/2 x21 inches , which l don't think that expensive for a good nights sleep..and l have slept! Which is great.though i still seem to do the 3 or 4 am wake up session some nights.

I'm not in any way part of this company or marketing for them! I appear on all of the above illness's Health unlocked forums ! Thyroid mostly.. And have been reading here for a long while and learning .l pm me if you would like any more info..just thought it might help some of you .xx

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Willing to try anything that might help , haven't had a decent nights sleep for over 2 years now !!! Tried all sorts of things so far and nothing seems to work :(


It is very kind of you to share this experience, thank you.


Hi purple top ..we are all in the same boat ! And if it only helps one other , it's one other sleeping! Plus me !! Now l do have to Sus out why l wake up 3am!,( although so grateful to sleep till then!) bestwishes Donna


Thanks so much for this, I will try to get one, as I have appalling heat surges, and as yet not been diagnosed with anything, although I have a rash in my face and joint and stomach problems as well as a host of other things, it is the lack of sleep which makes everything so much worse!



Hi Caz couldn't agree with you more.I refused sleeping tablets at first then I was like how much and I'll take two .coping is so much easier with a good nights sleep x


thanks for that any practical info is welcome rather that the plethora of meds lol


Ty Donna but what website was that x


Have PM you don't think you can say a company name on HU forum...


Hi, sound amazing! Can you let me know the nane and where to buy it please thanks lynne :)



Sounds brilliant. Just what I need I suffer with hot achy legs and !power surges! .... Please could you let me know where it by it. Thanks for sharing


Hello all, I just joined this site. I'm thrilled(but pained) that there are so many of us suffering.

I have a case of lupus that is multi organ and chronic. My symptoms are endless, but I did want to respond to what we all call - night and day sweats, heat surges and the horrendous day sweats with it rolling down my face eyes and falling on my clothing.

This particular problem is right out there for everybody to see. In severe cases, the psychological ,social and personal suffering is mind blowing and devastating.

I've had all the comments from -I'm having a hot flash, withdrawing from drugs ect. ect.

I have the chills in between these "events"

My face has the wolf rash all the times, but when this happens my entire face, neck, chest and left ear turns bright red and I will add that the left red ear is hot to touch, but the left which is not involved is normal.

When this started 20 years ago I would tell my docs and they thought it was hot flashes (I was 31) sharing of information has answered many questions I had, I'm sure all of you share in going threw the feeling that you are alone in many of your symptoms.

I would urge all as I have started drilling into my drs. All the symptoms and level of quality of life I have and the need to be at times, extremely aggressive in their Managment.

This is a disease that rolls over many of us, leaving a very low to sometimes non existent quality of life.

May god bless you all, I have water rolling off my cheeks now, but their not from a sweat-their tears.



Could you pm me and let me know where you get these cooling pads from please?


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