Does anyone take duloxetine for chronic pain syndrome and suffer with sweating from it?

Hi guy's,

My rheumy put me on duloxetine 60mg about 2 months ago for nerve pain and ever since I started it I've been suffering from hot flushes and sweating quite a lot which is something I've never had a problem with. It's driving me mad now and I have to shower every day which is a killer when you suffer with chronic fatigue. I would be interested to know whether anyone else gets this from this med as I'm seriously considering stopping it. Thanks in advance.

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  • Hi sezzie, I also take duloxetine and have been on it since august 2012. I had the same issue for 6 months and had to shower almost twice a day. So far it has stopped. Maybe you need to give it some time and it can ease off. I used to sweat at any time and got to the extent that it was so embarrassing. It drove me crazy too!!! Hope you get your solution. Take care!!! Xxxx

  • Hi pipido36,

    Thank you for your reply and it's good to know that it's something that may subside. Perhaps it's worth sticking with it. Xxx

  • I take Tramadol and a couple of hours after my body heats up and I start sweating horrible at night when you are trying to get to sleep I have been on Tramadol for years told my Doctor about the problem but he just ignored me.

  • Hi kedaco,

    I also take tramadol daily which made me feel hot too but not to the severity from the duloxetine. Oh the joys of side effects from our meds... Can't live with them or without them!

  • Hi sezzie I tried to go with out the Tramadol but had a lot less sleep it doesn't do much to re leave the pain but dose relax me into a sleep

  • Hi kedaco,

    I take slow release tramadol as I find it lasts longer than taking the fast release. I didn't think the tramadol was helping me much with pain until I tried tapering off them and went a day without 1 and omg I didn't realise how much pain they masked, needless to say I'm still talking them although like you Im still in a lot of pain. Have you tried an anti depressant to help you sleep? My dr put me on mertazapine 30mg and for the 6 months I was on them I slept like a baby. Unfortunately they had to stop them as they prescribed duloxetine and the two don't mix and I've not had a good night's sleep since :( perhaps this is something you should consider. Good luck and wishing you well. Sarah X

  • hello sezzie,

    I was given duloxetine beginning of this month as I have lupus and now fibro, I have had night sweats on and off for years and last summer was the start of day sweats. I must confess that im scared to take duloxetine as list of side effect look horrendous. please may I ask if its helped your pain and fatigue? (ive been given it for depression too) thankyou x

  • Hi caninecrazy,

    Yes it has helped with the nerve pain but not as much as I was expecting although I started physio a few weeks ago and I think it's flared everything up. I've not really noticed any difference with fatigue. I also suffer from anxiety and bouts of depression and I don't think the duloxetine manages that as well as my previous one mertazapine. Everyone reacts differently to new meds and it may suit you better than me so try not to be nervous and give it a go. I suffered terrible nausea for the 1st 4 weeks but thankfully that's gone now and I lost a stone of my 3 stone gained steroid weight so I guess every cloud had a silver lining! Good luck with whatever you decide. X

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