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Mental health and the Immune system

I don't know if any of you saw this on the TV last night, but apparently, scientists have proven what we autoimmunees have been saying for years.

Depression, anxiety etc is caused by an inflammatory process started by the immune system. Yes, a symptom!!!!

Just like sometimes chronic pain is an over sensitive nervous system, depression is often an over sensitive immune system trying to protect us.

They are not exactly sure of the process and research continues, but they have discovered that certain anti inflammatory drugs that are used for RA and other conditions are great for treating this and possibly other mental health issues too.

The hope is that lots of other more severe mental health conditions can be treated somehow with our arsenal of drugs, and who knows?

I just can't wait to see the next doctor who says" You are depressed as you are living with a chronic condition and it must get you down you poor thing".

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I missed this on TV

👏👏👏👏YAYAYAY....& ME TOO: so looking forward to the first medic, friend, whoever who says that 😉

🍀😘🍀😘 coco


Sounds a good programme. I'll watch on iplayer. Thanks.

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It wasn't a programme as such Lupi, it was a report from a London news channel on the hospital doing the research. I only caught it by chance.

Guess it was only us Londoners who got that news.

I'll definitely keep my ears and eyes open and post if anything more comes on.


I got this news item too up here in Scotland. But I also heard this spoken about months ago on the radio so it's been around for a while. I think the awful news from Manchester (where my middle son and his girlfriend were spending a long weekend - just been over here telling us about how Glasgow is now on high alert too) has inevitably overshadowed it for most people

But I couldn't agree more. I also noticed that Doctor in the House last night focussed on introducing an anti-inflammatory diet into the household of a woman suffering severe anxiety attacks from PSTD. I think you are quite right - we all now are on strong ground to fight doctors who try and diminish secondary depression to a state of mind we should address with just antidepressants and CBT. X


Thanks Georgie. Certainly sounds interesting

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What I want to know is why don't they read the symptoms list for most a/i disorders? Depressive mood is mentioned in so many of them - and it is there long before you are diagnosed or even realise you have a chronic illness.


My daughter died nearly 6 years ago, , Everytime I see anyone of the medical profession my depression and a lot of my symptoms are attributed to that despite the fact that I had problems way before she died. Thanks for the info I look forward to using that as an answer next time I'm asked


So sorry to hear that news Pantboy. I really hope you get some comfort from this group who are a great support and hope this info is helpful when dealing with your medical pro's.

Take care.


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