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my mental health taking a nosedive

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This week I am struggling with my mental health and I am wondering if this is part of Lupus? I can't take more stress. I have suffered from chronic depression and anxiety.

I feel like I am getting closer to the virtual edge of the cliff. My cats are keeping me loved and calm even though.

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Hi Sarahmac. It’s my understanding that lupus affects our mental health and experiencing depression is not uncommon. In my lifetime, I’m 63, I have certainly been

Affected by depression. If it is affecting you

As you describe my recommendation is to

Reach out for counseling for support and

Coping ideas. It’s very hard living with our disease everyday. But. We are living and trying to live the best life possible. I encourage you to plz. Reach out to a friend

A family member or the forum administrators who can help you with

Your struggles with depression and lupus.

Many many hugs, Titters.

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Sarahmac8312 in reply to Titters

I have been talking to the Calm Zone about whats been eating me up

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Titters in reply to Sarahmac8312

I’m not familiar with Calm Zone. I’m in theUS. But I really like their name🤣🙏🏻💜

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It's a UK suicide prevention charity I have not been diagnosed with Lupus yet

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The most effective treatment and specialist I have on my health team is my behavioral psychologist. Treating my anxiety and depression has given me my life back. Please ask your gp for a referral for a psche evaluation. Treatments and pharma are available and life changing for me. Thinking about you! Take care

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I am under the Neurologist for something else but I am going to ask him for a referral to see if I can get Psche eveal

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Hi again Sarah. I looked up calm zone and I see what they offer. I’m glad you are doing that. I hope also your neurologist will beHelpful

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I needed to offload all my issues

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Hi Sarahmac8312, sorry to hear about your difficulties. I am glad you have furbabies to keep you feeling loved. Where would we be without them??

Mental health issues can potentially be caused by lupus. They can be caused directly, when lupus attacks the brain and changes the neurochemistry, but they can also be caused indirectly, through the stress and suffering of living with a chronic and complex illness.

I have experienced significant depression and anxiety secondary to (or caused by the experience of living with) lupus. My GP put me on endep which took the edge off; I no longer cry every day, just once in a while. But the stress is still there. No anti-depressant is going to change that. The other thing that really helps me is venting on this forum to other people who understand exactly what I’m going through!

Take care—we’re here for you.

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Sarahmac8312 in reply to MusicalFurbaby

I am on Propranolol. I have not yet been diagnosed with Lupus

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Choccy8 in reply to Sarahmac8312

Hi Sarahmac, sorry you're feeling bad. I just saw your mention of Propranolol. I took this for migraines and went through a bad spell of feeling depressed. When I finally went to the GP about it, the first thing he said was that it might be the Propranolol causing the depression. I stopped taking it and the depression went away quite quickly. Might be worth asking your GP if it could be contributing to your low mood? Hope you feel better soon x

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Sarahmac8312 in reply to Choccy8

the medication is helping. it is everything else

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Aloha Sarahmac8312!!

My name is Angela, it’s wonderful to meet you!! 🥰

I’m not doing all that well either right now but when I read your post, I could feel your pain & agony. Omg…..🥺😢

My mental & emotional health hasn’t been doing good, either. There are MANY days that I just want to bang my head into a wall & scream my head off!! Sigh…..

I feel you.

I just wanted to be a vocal support to you & say…..Do NOT let our disease or diseases win!!!!! Never!! Our medical conditions already take TOO DAMN MUCH out of our lives. We have to fight & dig deep to find the Strength needed to Survive!! WE ARE SURVIVORS!! “NEVER SURRENDER!!”

Keep your head up, okay. You have to “Keep On, Keepin’ On!!” Our medical conditions have already taken enough from us!!

May you have a wonderful evening, full of love & lots of laughter!!

Oh, most importantly…..Please SMILE!! 🥰🥰

Please stay safe!!

Many Blessings & Warmest Aloha to You,

Angela from Hawaii!!


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