Arm pit pain/sore lower rib

I am in the midst of another flare. Along with my reg symptoms I have puffy sore armpits. Towards the chest not the upper arm. I also have lower back rib is quite painful. These are relatively new symptoms, just wondering if anyone else is for familiar with them & has any guidance for comfort. My family doctor just nodded when I told her about these. Wondering if any tests are needed for the armpit? I don't see my rheumatologist for a couple months or my resperologist. Not really wanting to see them because so much of this is the same. Thoughts ....


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5 Replies

  • Hi there , i have sjogrens and before i was finally diagnosed my lymph nodes were all enlarged and i felt very ill . I had scans and a biopsy to be sure there was nothing else going on . It wasnt until i had first rituximab infusion that the lymph nodes reduced. Is it worth seeing if your doctor can get your appointment brought forward or phone the rheumy nurse and ask her advice? I hope you get some help and advice , best wishes xx

  • Thanks for your response Weathervane. I too have had the biopsy which turned out fine. This autoimmune stuff is a lonely journey. However this group is very helpful. I did call & to hear back Monday. Thank you for your response & have a good day.

  • Hi there,

    I have sjogrens and mild lupus. I had lower rib pain which was ecruciating, i couldn't even sleep on thatside, for over a year and doctors ignored it. Until I was hospitalised and after many bloods and scans was diagnosed with renal tubular acidosis- which meant my body was really low on potassium, kidneys were producing too much acid and there was nothing to nuetralise it hence the pain etc but it also meant the possibility of renal stones. I was put on sodium bicarbonate tablets on a long term basis. I would request the doctor if you can have a blood test to check for any abnormalities that may indicate this.

    Hope you get some relief soon x

  • Hi Sheole,

    According to The Lupus Encyclopaedia, “Anywhere from 40% to 50% of SLE patients will have lymphadenopathy with swollen lymph nodes often noticeable in the neck, armpits and groin. In some people, the lymph nodes swell during flares of their lupus, but sometimes they can remain slightly swollen even when the lupus appears to be well controlled”. The encyclopaedia further states that the swelling of lymph nodes can be due to other reasons such as infection and cancer- a person experiencing this symptom should seek advice from a doctor immediately.”

    If you develop particularly large lymph nodes, your doctor may get a biopsy to determine whether this is due to your lupus or to lymphoma.

    Have you spoken to your GP about your rib pain?

  • Thank you Chanpreet. They did biopsy a few years ago & also many other tests. However nothing conclusive, which in a way is good. But on the other hand no help.

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