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So sore

For the last few weeks I have noticed my legs mainly my thighs feeling so sore not muscle sore not rubbing sore but under skin sore even though it feels like outer skin pain ,my legs look no different no swelling no redness or marks.

Tight clothing or even soft clothing aggravates me so much that I cant wait to take them off.

It's all very strange and very new not had this before it's pointless me going to GP as there is no obvious inflammation,I'm just wondering if anyone else suffers with this and if so, what do you think is causing it.

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Hi, I have pain at back of thighs at times, even removing clothes irritates as if they're made of sandpaper is the only way to describe it and it seems to hurt my skin. I have back problems, probably trapped nerve and I put it down to that, .... Maybe not! Hope you get an answer soon


I think you probably should go and see your GP despite having no outward appearance with your pain. I've had something similar going on for a few years now and am still not sure of the cause. It's so far been clinically diagnosed as a small fiber neuropathy. In my case my clothes often feel wet and cold and my skin crawls by day and burns by night. Nothing visible with me either. So it might be something neurological relating to your lupus or a different connective tissue process. Either way I think you should to report this new symptom if it carries on.


Yes twitchy toes I know you are right I should see the GP but I am seeing my rhumey in January so I'll mention it, I was laying in bed last night reading and I too have been experiencing skin crawling sensations and itching I thought it was just anxiety because that's been really bad lately too.

I've never thought of nerves before but it's possible I surpose however I don't get pins and needles or numbness so yet again another mystery I'll proberly never get to bottom of.


I get this with my SLE and my rheumy tells me its where the connective tissue, such as tendons, become inflamed. It's a common but painful symptom. My meds (MTX and Hydroxychloriquine) have helped to deal with it though!


Really is that all, maybe just inflammation after all it would be such a relief if that is what it is, I know no one can be sure until a good rheumy tells you but it's been really worrying me.


I had a similar problem a while back but on my arms, my legs were fine. I went to my GP who prescribed some stronger anti-inflamms (Naproxen I believe) and that seemed to help even though they weren't entirely sure what it was that was causing it.

My GP pointed me to this page on Patient which helped me identify my Lupus symptoms a little better.

Might be useful and worthwhile visiting your GP and mentioning it - it certainly can't hurt!

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A lot of it sounds like restless leg syndrome and in which case gabapentin does the trick for that.


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