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Morning guys

I have my first appointment at the royal in Manchester tomorrow ( well my second really as was not happy with my first in Warrington rheum clinic so asked for a referral to the royal ) as all they did at Warrington was give me steroid injection and start me on hydroxychloroquine and a follow up apt in 6 months ,just looking for a bit of advice for my apt tomorrow I have every symptom going and need unwell for 7 months ongoing sick of having no voice and constant heavynous in chest ,rib pain sore throat sever muscle pain sorry for moaning guys just need a bit of advice xx

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  • Good luck yozzer for your appt tomorrow. Hope it goes well. Have your symptoms list and any photos and you can't go wrong!. Keep us posted. X

  • Thanks misty xx

  • Hi Yozzer,

    Good luck - I'm off my my second opinion on Thursday as my rheumatologist was awful. I did see him privately as the wait was ridiculous but he has his NHS clinic in would be very interesting to see if it was the same person! Can you PM me?

    Good luck with Manchester - I have heard it is brilliant.

    Let us know how you got on.

    Charlie xx

  • Hi Yozzer,

    We published a guide short guide on lupus and visiting your doctor. The guide provides you with helpful tips and information to enable you to get the most out of your appointment:

  • Thanks a lot of good info

  • Hi Yozzer,

    We also have a blog article about getting the most of your medical appointments which you may find helpful -

  • Found this very helpful thanks

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