Rheumatologist appt gone wrong

Very disappointed. I switched rheumatologist bc my old one basically told me i have Sjogren's and gave me meds but didn't tell me what it is or what all I need to do. I was diagnosed with Sjogren's, lupus, and RA but not one dr has helped me. I waited months to see this new one and she's probably worse. She told me Sjogren's is just dry eyes and dry mouth. Then she said just exercise and it'll break the cycle of joint pain which will then help me sleep which will then control my anxiety. I asked about my rashes that are there everyday but says that's not related and maybe it's something from my detergent or skin contact with something. I asked about my light sensitivity and she said it has nothing to do with lupus or Sjogren's and that maybe I just need a different pair of glasses. Say what? The last thing she said to me was *there's no cure and not much treatment and see you in 6 months to see if things are worse*. I thought she would be knowledgeable since this is Emory- one of the best in GA. But I guess not. Feeling so defeated.

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  • All the symptoms you have mentioned I have and my doctor tells me it's all part of the lupus.

  • I also live in GA, who did you see at Emory. I may be able to help you with better doctor.

  • I saw Dr ****** in Stockbridge. Then today I saw Dr *******. I would love to get a referral to a dr that would just take the time to help me. She basically left me feeling hopeless...told me there's no cure and not much of a treatment.

  • I'll have you a name and phone # tmrw. Need to confirm with a very good friend of mine to make sure I have the right contact info. But my friend loves loves loves her. I also made an appointment but decided to give my current Dr one more chance.

  • Thank you so much!

  • Dr Mala S Kaul

    With Piedmont


    My friend says she is wonderful!!!!

  • I will definitely contact him tomorrow to see if they accept my insurance. Thank you so much...crossing my fingers

  • I pray they will!! Keep me posted.

  • " She told me Sjogren's is just dry eyes and dry mouth."

    REALLY?! Never mind the other rubbish...

    I'm left to ask where she did her rheumy training. I've come across some pretty dodgy ones - that beats all so far!

  • My reaction too 😠

  • Wow. There are some real doozies out there. The good doctors are few and far between.

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