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Mums B12 aged 85, injections stopped by doctor

Mum is 85, has Pernicious anemia, diagnosed 50+ years ago, positive intrinsic factor reult hence the injections every 12 weeks. The surgery stopped her injections in November, 6 months ago, she is now very lethargic, often confused, severely breathless.The gp say she no longer needs injections as her levels are correct?! and has referred her to asthma clinic for her breathlessness. I have the same but have im injections every 8 weeks and was told it will be for life, Has her doctore got it wrong? I feel they are just pushing her symproms aside, at this rate another few weeks and she wont be able to walk to the toilet as she is so out of breath. Any advise would be gratefully recived.

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I would look for a different doctor for a second opinion. It wouldn't hurt them to try giving the injections again and see if it improves things - but what is happening is not acceptable IMHO. Breathlessness does NOT always equal asthma - as some GPs found out the hard way by nearly killing my husband 22 years ago!

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Hi I'm really very appalled at reading this but I've read your enquiry and the comment above which have is correct. What was the exact scientific reason other than a personal oppion, to stop these injection s? Because there is not one!

You have the right to walk into any other GP practice with your mother( if you do not have powers of attorney,) to sign her up elsewhere. I suggest you take care of your mother as your 'first priority' and walk away with ' immediate effect ' from her current practice. Pernicious anaemia will kill. It seems that "somebody" decided that at 85 Your mum had lived long enough! Vile disgusting behaviour that is against the code of being a doctor as it breaks the Hippocratic oath of "first,do no harm". You should next consider reporting this the practice manager so the senior partners can be made aware of this incident and if no joy, direct to the doctors council the BMA. GOOD LUCK with everything. Take care of mum and your self.


I can overload the person if their B12 levels are now ok which is why they will have stopped the injections. They should however retest for her levels after probably 3 months from when they omitted that dose.


So why have they failed to do so? Surely logic says "readjust" your mother's vit B12 levels for the purpose of the injections?

May I suggest that you give next week asap a call to the 'secretary' of your mother's consultant and put him/her in the picture and ask for 'advice' from the consultant? The secretary will contact you back i promise you. It would give you a definitive answer and also peace of mind. You will get the chance to tell 'them' exactly what is going on with your mother. They can then contact and deal with diplomatically​ the GP and save you alot of extra hassle if you are otherwise happy with the treatment she gets? Or as I said, change practices.

Best wishes,


Hi nannyjude,

May I suggest you look at the HU site for Pernicious Anaemia? I think the forumites there will definitely be able to give you more appropriate advice.

Like your Mum, my surgery stopped my b12 injs, the PA site have given me links to enable me to address this.

Lupus UK is a wonderful forum with brilliant members but you need a different from the right forum.

Please don't be offended by this, your Mum needs all the help you can find on this subject.

Wishing you well


Wendy xx


Once pernicious anaemia, always pernicious anaemia !! My dad @ 91 is getting his jabs every 3 months even though he also has Alzheimer's Disease. I also get mine every 12 weeks. I know sometimes mine is sky high , but that is very temporary & usually for a day or so after having received my prescribed injection of B12. SaraA, I, with complete respect can tell you that my HIGH results never stay high, actually it is amazing how quickly they fall! Yes you are so right how important retesting is, if only to see that this factor can drop so quickly! But surely not on an elderly lady who has a diagnosis. Obviously this dear lady needs someone who understands the implications of pernicious anaemia which Cupcake has wisely recommended. However, I agree wholeheartedly with PMRpro & Ukgospeldiva that nannyjude must help her mother ASAP! Nannyjude this surgery's decree is not at all acceptable! I do hope you are able to get your mother all the help she needs. Is there a chance that somehow a surgery communication error has occurred? Thinking of you & your mother. Please let us know how she manages. Take Care Pixiewixie x


Hi Nannyjude,

I am sorry to hear you are not satisfied with your mother’s doctor, have you thought about having a second opinion?

It is important to remember everyone’s body works differently therefore, the duration and strength of a treatment varies from person to person. It is advised that you discuss your mother’s breathlessness with her doctor to ensure she receives the correct treatment. We published a short guide to lupus and visiting your doctor which you may like to read here:


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