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Magnesium deficiency and hair loss

I am still searching for an answer to the hair loss.

My current obsession is magnesium deficiency. I have read that 90% of us are deficient due to farming methods and lifestyle. I have read it causes migraine, hair loss and fatigue as well as other symptoms. I took magnesium supplements until around a year ago and then stopped but started to feel really fatigued again in the past 6 months.

I have worsening pms and ovulation pain. I have worsening headache and the hair loss has increased to as bad as when my ferritin was low.

So I started oral supplementation a week ago and had it checked on Friday though I didn't have the results. I have read it is better absorbed thro the skin with magnesium oil or Epsom bath salts. So I'm trying that too.

Anyone else found this or noticed benefits of magnesium supplementation thro topical use?

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Quite a few people on the PMRGCA forum who suffer from muscle cramps use topical magnesium, often in the form of Epsom salt baths or sprays. Personally I just use tablets that make effervescent drinks.

Actually the blood level doesn't always tell you a lot - if that is low you are very depleted. The muscles may be low and the blood fine. But there is a lot of guff about how many people are depleted in a lot of things - farming methods don't make as much difference as some people would have you think! Most of them are trying to sell you something ;-)


Please would you tell me what magnesium tablets you use to make effervescent drinks? Thanks


Wouldn't help you I'm afraid - I live in Italy!

I'm sure the chemist would tell you what is available in the UK.


I was having cramps in my feet and legs, which could be quite scary when my toes cramped up when driving. I started using Epsom salts because I read that it could help with cramps. I put a good couple of handfuls two or three times a week into hot water, either in my bath or in a foot bath. The cramps have stopped, I don't know if that is because of the Epsom salts or not but I think I'll carry on using it.


Hi Asarahjohnson,

Last year we published a blog article called ‘Coping With Hair Loss’ which contains helpful tips and information which you may like to read:


I have recently a month ago started taking Epsom salt pharmaceutical one and thinking oh hell I will lay in bath with hair soaking as we shower after anyway. I have noticed the condition and not having hairs to get out of the plug hole loads too I mean I was always cleaning out plug hole no more now n I have always dyed my hair since 15 now 44 the condition of it is getting brill


Thanks. That's encouraging. Will stick with it and see what happens


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