How much hair loss is normal?

Hey i know daily hair loss is to be expected, however since i've started to become unwell i have noticed clumps coming away when I am shampooing and also brushing my hair its very noticeable on the hairbrush. I have also noticed if i run my hands through my hair it comes away and at times doesn't seem to stop for ages. I seem to have a hair trial all over my house! at present i can't notice any bald spots but I have never had this much hair loss previously.

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  • ** I mean hair loss is expected in non-lupus sufferers daily too**

  • Hi debs87, I also have this issue. It is a lupus/meds thing. Like you no bald patches but lots in hairbrush and shower. If I wanted, I could easily and painlessly, tug a big clump of hair out of my head. Luckily, my hair is quite thick and long, so nothing shows. Also, without getting too personal, I have no hairs on my legs, armpits etc... Recently my eyebrows are thinning too, so not all bad eh? Lol....

  • What about your face, I hardly have to shave my legs anymore, do just out of habit. But my face is fuzzy all over, my eyebrows are thining, but there are fine white hairs all over my face.

  • Yes I do have this on my face too. I am fair in colour so it all blends ok, but wasn't sure if steroids cause this, which kind of contradicts my sle/ meds theory !!! Bit like men, lose and gain in all the wrong places. Haha

  • Yes, it is the steroids, they cause facial hair to grow.

  • I have had hair loss on and off so to speak, since I was 18 years old when I had my 1st major flair. I am now 66 and have to keep it quite short so it stands up a bit to cover my bald patches. Daft, I try to manage the pain with loads of meds. But it is the stares I get from people re- hair loss that gets to me and looking through old photos my hubby said,without thinking " oh I had forgotten how you looked with long hair" many tears that day, then he made me laugh by telling me I still had more hair than him and that's not much! I have been asking for years and they just say that it is part of Lupus. On the PLUS side I don't have to shave my legs or under my arms and my hair is dry in about 5 mins. I just try to concentrate on the Good. Good Luck.xx

  • Hi,

    I completely empathise with you.

    I've lost about two thirds of my hair in patches all over my head. I'd had hair falling out in the shower etc for a long time but last summer it just fell out in clumps on my pillow. It's crazy but I found my hair loss the most difficult aspect of lupus to deal with. I'm 39 and this wasn't something I was prepared for at all. Ive had some pretty down days but my husband and kids ( age 14,12 and 9) have now made me realise that hair is just hair. As long as I'm feeling well, then that's a good thing. Hair loss will only stop me doing things if I let it. Eighteen months ago I could barely walk due to pain but now I'm virtually pain free,go running twice a week and have the energy to do things with my kids and husband so I'm trying to keep things in perspective.

    My husband shaved the rest of my hair off ( doing the Jessie j thing!) as the bald patches look ridiculous and I just wear pretty head scaves ( a good excuse to go shopping!).

    All the best and I hope your hair loss stops soon. If it doesn't I'm happy for you to email me....whatever you're feeling I'm sure I've felt it!!

    Take care,


  • Thank you so much to everyone with their replies. I feel much better all ready. I'm so glad to have found this forum xx

  • hi i have aloperica areata, so i get bald patchs only the size of a pound coin but usually 3 or 4 , so i use slip in extentions or back comb ur hair, sorry im not brave enough to shave mine off i did have it short but found i can control/hide more by having longer hair, i think we have to deal with enough and i must say my hair really bother me :(

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