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Got my new pip claim form as my award end may 10th . Went down citizen advice today . They said they will ring for an appointment with benefit expert . My form got to be back my 24th April .

I have no new medical letters to back me up . Do you think I'm better off going to doctors next week asking for letter saying what I can't do ? Will doctor write me a letter ?

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  • I'm not able to answer your questions on PIP unfortunately. But are you seeing a doctor before 24th April? Or could you telephone a doctors secretary to ask for an updated letter of support? Just an idea. I hope you get it sorted out. X

  • That's what I was asking . I can make apppintment before 24th April for a letter. I was asking if the doctor would give me one

  • Well, if you don't ask, you don't get. Worth a try. If you speak to receptionist or secretary you might not even need an appointment. x

  • That's what I'm gonna do . I'll try get appointment or something for next week

  • Hi, I went to doctors and told them I'm reapplying. I gave a list of my symptoms too as the gp I always saw retired last week. Good luck , and well done with all your achievements, the job sounds good and you're picking up the driving quickly too 😃

  • Best to get as much medical evidence as possible and also get them to print off a updated medication list to , good luck

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