PIP assessment brought forward by a year

My PIP was assessed a couple of years ago and was awarded until February 2018. Imagine my surprise when I received a new assessment form this weekend a year early.

I rang the DWP and they informed me that they can reassess whenever they want as long as a year has passed.

so I have now got to go through the stress and worry of completing a new form and having another face to face assessment.

I notice the form has changed again, you tick a box whether things are harder, easier or no change since your last assessment. I very much doubt it is as simple as that though for no change, will still fill in the full description of symptoms.

Has this happened to anyone else.

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  • Oh bless u just not nice . So very worrying & stressful for u ! Not had mine yet & worrying about it all ready & that makes my problems worse. Hope all goes well for you. Stay strong . I'm sure things will be ok . Take care & all the best.

  • On my first assessment it was granted for 3 years but suggested I be reviewed at 2 so you may have similar. The form is nowhere near as simple as it appears - I was completely reassessed not just on the pints I marked as changed and it seems to carry the same weight as the original form. Based on my recent experience I'd strongly recommend getting help filling it in from either CAB or a welfare officer and have someone with you to act as a witness when you are assessed. Not wanting to scare you but my first assessment was a good experience and I naively thought the second one would be the same and it was nowhere near. They even removed points that I was previously granted on an area I showed as hadn't changed. I was on 11 points but despite having noted that I have deteriorated the last 2 years I am now assessed as 9 points. Hopefully your experience will be better though - good luck

  • Hi tired mum

    So sorry the DWP has brought forward your pip assessment. Didn't know they could do that!. I strongly advise you ring Citizens Advice for an appointment to help fill it in or Dial if you have one specially as the form has changed!. Not everyone has an assessment , it's only if they feel more info needed so if you do above you might escape!. Good luck with it , as if our lives aren't stressful enough!. X

  • My son who is 19 had a similar experience. The second assessment they removed points which resulted in him not being entitled to PIP . I appealed as what was documented was factually incorrect. I am a nurse and was outraged at the inaccuracies . For every comment / incorrect judgement they made I backed up the actual situation with medical factual evidence . Keep every appointment letter , every clinic letter . Read what they say carefully and don't be afraid to challenge it . It was time consuming but he was re awarded his original points . Take Care and Good luck

  • Thank you. It seems to get harder and more stressful and tiring each time you are reassessed. I am dreading the process. I am glad that in the end your son got the points that he deserved.

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