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Eye bag treatment for dry eyes


I know a couple of you guys use these already, but I went to the optician (a new one) Tuesday and after briefly looking at my eyes he said to get an eye bag and use it for a couple of weeks and then go back for the test!

I'd given my history - lupus, dry eyes, under Moorfields for this and high eye pressure etc and he said that dry eyes can effect the eye test so better to sort first.

SO.... reason for my post is, it works! I was a bit dubious to be honest but I've significantly reduced my need for drops since using 3 times a day first thing in morning, middle of day, and before bed.

So as I began, I know some use already but for those who don't, I seriously recommend it - Just thought I'd share! 😊

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That sounds good, soootired. I'm still learning - what is eye bag treatment? What is your routine with it? Thanks

soootired in reply to whisperit

It's a kind of bean bag filed with flax seeds. You put it in the micro wave to heat it or if you don't have one, it says you can heat it in an oven. Then, you put it over your eyes for 5 to 10 minutes then massage your eye lids for another 30 seconds or so, et voila!!!

Your eyes feel a bit blurry at first but not for long. If you Google eye bags for dry eyes you'll find the Web site. There's even a youtube video.

I'm generally reluctant to recommend things like this but it really is very good!

whisperit in reply to soootired

i see...so its a warm bag, and not a cold one? Somehow that seems surprising....

soootired in reply to whisperit

I know, seems unkindly but it works by "melting" the oils produced by glands that can become "waxy" this not lubricating our eyes properly.

whisperit in reply to soootired

i learn something new every day. thanks!

YAY: I ❤ my eye bag treatments too...for nearly 5 years, my NHS eye clinic ophthalmologists have had me following the MGDRx system....I get my bags from amazon:


😍🍀😘 coco

Thanks for sharing. I have dry eyes too. What kind of eye bad you used?

Eye bag brand?


soootired in reply to Wenwen

MGD eye bag. It comes up when you Google eye bag for dry eyes. Coco put an Amazon link on her reply above I think.


Yes I've been doing it for six weeks now. Had to go back and see the optometrist a few weeks ago to see if it was working for my MGD - he said it was although what I'm producing is "mucky" but at least I'm producing some oil now so I'm told it's an important treatment for anyone with MGD - particularly if you have Sjogrens. I don't feel the improvement enormously myself but really glad you are feeling the benefits. X

Yes, love my MGD eye bag! I use it in conjunction with MGD drops by Retaine.

FYI... I'm also on Xiidra, a new prescription eye drop available in the US. It has done wonders for me but there are still times my glands get clogged and the MGD bag treatment is the only relief.

Just ordered myself MGD bag thanks for raising the subject, haven't been dealing with it and didn't have a microwave, my next purchase, hubby said he would build a shelf for me to put it on, so better eye care for me. Ta ml

Yes -- eye bags are very good. I use an 'eye soothe' one which I get on the internet. You warm it in boiling water and I find it better than the micro wave ones especially when staying in hotels. It also holds the heat longer!

I'll have to look out for that as you're right, a hotel would be tricky!

Hi, my I have had extremely dry eyes at times. My eye Dr. Had me pick up a gel to put across my bottom lash line at bedtime genteal and lubricating drops during the day. The drops are pretty thick, but it worked well for me. I'm in the States, but your pharmacist can help you.



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