Dry eyes..

Does anyone suffer from dry eyes? Every morning I wake up with crusty eyes and are very blood shot. I have tried lots of eye drops but they aren't working. Any suggestions?


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12 Replies

  • Hi, I was at my docs yesterday and complained about my eyes as I thought they were getting worse, was told to go to my optician, she did say she suffers from dry eyes and to put a hot compress on them every night, then massage the eyelids, it seemingly helps the glands to work, then put your artifical tears in. I thought my eyeball had stuck to my lid the other night, quite frightening. I was scared to close my eye again. I purchased a hot mask from Amazon and some eye wipes to try them as my eyes are not good. Also she told me to use drops which have no preservatives in them, I've been getting the wrong ones prescribed to me but my optician will have to prescribe them as she can't do it. Tried massaging them last night but it maybe takes a while to work, I will give anything a try. Good luck X

  • moorfields.nhs.uk/condition...

    This page might help you a little. I have had Blepharitis & dry eye syndrome for years.

    In the morning, use a hot compress on your eyes, a flannel in hot water will do, hold this over your eyes until it cools, then renew the flannel. You might feel the plugs of oil in the meibomian glands 'melt' you can then gently massage your eyes. The oil will lubricate your eyes.

    Drops, preservative free. I use Hyabak which says it has 300 drops in the bottle. It is prescribed for me, though I have had to buy it occasionally, it is about £15 a bottle. I also have been prescribed a gel for use at night, called VitA-POS. This makes it more comfortable in the mornings.

    More recently, I have been prescribed Doxycycline orally for 2 months & I now use Ciclosporin eye drops at night last thing. This has to be prescribed by an Ophthalmologist & is long term.

    They also give me antibiotic eye drops but again, in hospital not on the High Street.

    There are several preservative free drops. It may be worth asking your Consultant to refer you to the hosp eye service before you do any damage to your cornea.

  • I dod ha ve some from GP will check name of them in a bit. But nothimg over the counter helped. These were a lot better

  • Hi, I suffer from extremely dry eyes too, sore, bloodshot with frequent sub-cutaneous hemorrhages. Badly affected by fluorescent lights. My eyelids stick to my eyes as well.

    I used to buy Hycosan Extra preservative-free drops that helped greatly but now get Hylo Forte on prescription. These are exactly the same as the Hycosan but come in a bigger bottle.

    My optician says to use these every hour & I find I need to use them during the night to prevent eyelids sticking.

    My rheumatologist agrees that it's most likely inflammation due to ctd, as does the optician, both said to see GP, which I have several times, he's just asked if I want hypromellose drops which don't help at all.

    I've tried the hot mask too.

    Hope you get some help with this & please let us know how you get on x

  • Google Optimel Manuka honey gel and drops instructions. I flood my eyes with Polygel and apply Optimel gel to the eyeline. I rub in and go to sleep. I use heat packs as well.

  • I take solgar omega 3 triple strength 2 tabs morning and night and has made a massive difference. Mostly don’t need to use the drops anymore and feel better in other ways too.

  • I have Sjogrens and Lupus. Sjogrens causes everything that can to dry up. You need to drink plenty plenty of water. Do you have dry mouth too? See your Doc and get tested as it is part of the auto immune condition. I use Carmellose 0.5% eye drops for this condition, which your Doc can prescribe, the over the counter ones have content that can exacerbate it. Good luck

  • The one my doc prescribed is Celluvisc 1.0% w/v eye drops . They are individually pack ed in little 1 dose containers. They did help me quite a lot, much better than over the counter. But the other suggestions are good also , hot compresses and gentle massage , hope they improve soon, it’s not at all nice , especially at night I found . My are a lot better now. Good luck

  • Hi Dalollies,

    Around a third of lupus patients have some sort of eye related matter such as ‘dry eyes’. We published a factsheet on ‘LUPUS: The Mouth, Nose and Eyes’ which I hope you will find useful: lupusuk.org.uk/wp-content/u...

  • I use Viscotears Eye Gel 2.0mg/g, several times a day. Better than the drops I used previously.

    Good luck.

  • A few months ago someone mentioned that a hot compress twice a day does the trick for them.

  • I suffer from dry eyes too I had eye plugs put in but they only helped for three days you can get permanent eye plugs put in which I am considering I went to get my eyes tested the other day the optometrist told me that using a hot wash cloth every morning holding it over the eyes for 7 minutes can help some people you can do it several times a day I told him I have been using cucumbers and he said the coolness makes your eyes feel better but the hot compresses work better.

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