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Just stumbled on this website. I am new. I was diagnosed 10 years ago. By the time I was diagnosed, Lupus had attacked on of my lungs, creating Fibrosis. On top I have Asthma. I am coughing everyday. Life is not to bad except one has moments of depression which comes as a package. I am currently on Aziathioprine, Hydroxchoroquine, Prednisolone plus meds that are treating the symptoms of those above.

I wonder whether there is someone out there who can let me know how they cope with the nuisance of oral thrush?

I am a teacher and had been coping with full time work. As the work load increased my symptoms worsened so I left. My family are very supportive. I hope that writing a blog will help me cope better.

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Hi welcome Know that one Nystatin really helps keep the oral thrust away clean teeth 3 times aday not working but welcome all the best


Thanx for the warm welcome and the advice. I do get Oral Nystatin on my repeat prescription. I will need to brush my teeth more often during the day.


Having probs at the moment with ulcers that have been around now for 3 weeks going back to doc soon.but could it be from all the Meds we take? any way welcome to the site.

We all have to pace our self s as much a possible ,could you go part time!!


Hi, thanks for the warm welcome. Am sorry about your ulcers. It's an ongoing battle. You can get oral nystatin to help. I usually use Oraldine as well. I resigned April 2011 as was suffering from un diagnosed diabetes symptoms. Had a 2nd breakdown sept 2010. Couldn't cope. Returned on a phased return and my boss through me into full work in January 2011. As if that was enough she put me on a capability procedure. I was told I ve been off sick for a long time and the students were suffering. After a meeting with my union rep, I was given targets to achieve. With backing from my GP and family, I decided to resign. A couple of weeks later I was diagnosed with diabetes 2.

Any how, spent the rest of the year controlling my diabetes and juggling with Lupus and Asthma. I have just started supply teaching where I can have control. I have decided to do only 2 days a week and then relax. All the best. Hope you can get the ulcers sorted.


Hi Muchoka, I'm new too.

I have asthma and sometimes develop oral thrush from using the steroid inhaler (Clenil Modulite). To prevent it, I use a spacer (Volumatic) and gargle with water after taking a puff.

Hope this helps.


Hi Rollie,

Thanks I do use a volumiser. I do take Flixotide steroids 500micro. On top I take Prednosolone for lupus 7.5mg. It's a lot of steroids.I do usually brush my teeth and guggle with Oraldine. I guess it's one of those nuisance annoying problems that I have to learn to leave with.


Welcome :0),

might be worth your while looking into the 'Candidia Albicans' 'diet'- basically best to cut out/avoid sugar, wheat breads etc etc. I had 90% CA in my body a few yrs ago, went on herbalist 'diet' & was the best I've ever felt in my life!

Good luck, healing thoughts to you (& try to cut out/avoid all stress ;0)


Thanks Smiler1. Will try that as well. Have cut out sugar due to diabetes 2. Will try cutting out wheat bread. What options do I have instead of wheat bread? :0)


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