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Hi everyone. I was hoping for a bit of advice. I have been suffering with various symptoms since April 2014, just as I get one thing under control something else happens. I was diagnosed with lupus by my Dermatologist due to the rash which I totally have under control now so to look at me there's nothing wrong. However, for a good 12 months now I have suffered with chronic pain in my lower back, hips, lower legs, my feet and ankles and toes swell all the time. Because of these pains I find walking very challenging and have to use a stick. I also suffer from the fatigue grately to the extent that I can fall asleep at any given moment without warning. I have fallen asleep whilst out with friends, with hot drinks watching TV and scalded myself, sat round my dying father in laws bed to mention a few of the more inappropriate times. I have no control over this it's literally one minute I'm there the next I've gone. I feel constantly shattered and worn down and have no energy. I am currently under Dermatology, Rheumatology, mental health and I'm waiting for an appointment with the pain clinic. I already get PIP but only care, not mobility as I can actually move it's just very difficult. My question is related to my work, after being suspended due to various mistakes and falling asleep a couple of times I am currently on the sick again. My employer is probably going to sack me anyway but is unable to do so whilst I'm providing sick notes. I currently don't feel that I'll ever be able to work again and give the 100% which she obviously demands as my employer. I'm wondering how ESA works, will I get it automatically as I already get PIP? And is this still the case if I quit or would I be penalised then? The same goes for if she sacks me could I automatically get ESA or would I be punished for this? Totally stressed with this as I am the only eaner in my house with 3 children to look after and Christmas fast approaching. Thanks for any advice sorry for the massive post a comment

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  • Hi Gail

    Sorry to read your having problems with your health . It would be a good idea if you contacted the Citizens Advice Bureau as they can answer your benefits questions, run a benefits check to see what help you could get and help you claim. They also have employment advisors who could help you if you have problems with your employer and being off work.

    You could try to get PIP for mobility as you have pain problems with walking. They will advise you on that too.

    ESA is paid dependent on income , there are two different categories depending on your circumstances which the CAB will be able to help with

    Just a thought about you falling asleep so easily could it be do with sleep apnea?. Maybe a sleep clinic referral could be helpful?.

    I hope the above is helpful . I go to a Pain Clinic as have nerve pain in my right leg and have a lot of help from them so I hope you will get the same. X

  • I hadn't thought about sleep appnea I must admit that I have a very bad habit of assuming that everything that happens is just down to the lupus. My doctor hadn't suggested anything about my sleep problems even though I got quite upset explaining things. There has been a couple of really inappropriate times recently that I have just fallen asleep without warning, it's almost like I just pass out momentarily. I will mention it next time I go which will be soon as I live at my doctors recently. Seriously think they must be sick of the sight of me coz I'm sick of going. Their biggest concern seems to be depression right now and they have referred me to mental health whom have assessed me and decided I need some therapy to help me deal with my illness and symptoms, but in all honesty I don't think I am depressed. I get upset and frustrated because I'm in constant pain. I'm totally shattered and I keep just fallen asleep randomly. I can't trust myself to drive just incase, I'm worried about being alone with my kids coz they're not old enough to be home alone. It terrifies me to think of all the ways they could injure theirselves because im out of it. I couldn't stand it if one of them got hurt coz I wasn't watching them properly sorry for going on and on I do this with my Dr aswell I'm sure they think I'm having a breakdown. Sorry x

  • Hi Gail

    No need to apologise for going on. I just hope you get help for your problems soon. Keep us posted. X

  • Gail, don' say your sorry for having a really serious condition. I completely understand your worries about finances, this children, sleeping etc. I too was referred to mental health to help me cope with my condition. To be truthful, didn't really help me. I found that as soon as I realised that I was going to have to deal with this condition as it is not going to go away, my mental health dramatically improved.

    Get that referral to Sleep Clinic as Misty suggested. Try to stay positive. Babs x

  • Hi

    I'm sorry I can't answer most of your questions, but because of the DDA act. This means your employer has to try to adjust your work place to help you continue in your job. If your in a union they may be able to help sort out the problems you are having with your employer. Also I am not sure but at 1 time there was a department with in the job centre that helped people who are disabled to have a work place assessment they help you to find ways to help keep you in your current job.

    Good luck

  • Hi Gail, I totally agree with the advice given. Do you have a union or occupational health department. Your employers are on dodgey ground to sack you as you clearly have a medical condition. It doesn't matter whether physical mental or both. They have to look at alternative employment within the company and or graded return. You don't give your age but given your children's ages I suggest not old. There is also I'll health retirement as a last resort. Do not resign. See CAB if no other support available they will attend meetings with you.

  • I agree with Johar, that if necessary you can take Medical Retirement.

    I was only 30 when my employer HM Revenue forced me into retirement, that was 19 years ago. I haven't been able to work since, I do however receive a small pension & ESA & if you or your employer has paid a pension then I think he has to pay you a pension & possibly you should receive ESA, but take a careful look at your options & whether you think your health is up to you continuing to work, I wish I had been covered by the DDA, then I possibly would have still been working.

    Once again good luck & let us know what you decide.

  • Thanks for your input. I'm wondering if she will finish me on medical grounds. I'm only 42 so I wasn't sure whether the retirement thing was an option but I guess it will all come out in the wash as they say. I'm going to try and stay just sick for as long as possible, so I still get my tax credits etc. To be honest I'm just a coward when it comes to these things I haven't the energy to be fighting with the rediculous benefits system and it's just not the right time of year

  • Thankyou everyone. I have to go in tomorrow for a meeting with her I'm dreading it...................I will keep you posted xx

  • Hi everyone just a quick update I won't go on. I didn't see my boss last Friday she was on the phone in her office so I left my sick note and just left. I'm worried about seeing her incase she says something that I don't want to hear. She has sent me a formal letter since that was recorded delivery saying that I have to go in on Friday for a welfare meeting to discuss my illness in more detail and where we go from here. Friday the 13th of all days. I can't stop thinking about it. I don't even know how or if I should / can fight it if she finishes me. I can't cope with the flipping job centre and benefits system but I'm not well enough to go back

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