Hi I have discoid lupus, yet for a few years have been getting aches pain especially legs muscle ache burning and pins and needles in fingers ankles and feet ,if I do to much get really tierd also and now getting stabbing pain in my arm ,off to see rheumatologist in may ,just wondering if anyone else as simpliar symptoms and if so is this another form of lupus,also feel the cold more then other people and my fingers can go white with cold and hurt ,thanks Anita xx

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  • Hi Anita, I have subacute cutaneous lupus and have had and have many of these symptoms and if not for taking hydroxychloquine I would be a lot worse off and staying out of the sun etc. Wearing 50 factor even on cloudy days. I am constantly fighting fatigue especially if I have a flare up. You may have secondary autoimmune which I understand from a prof. Rheumatology is common, so like me white fingers it could be Raynauds, also I have sjogrens dry eyes & mouth etc. Not sure about stabbing pain there are so many variables with lupus so I discover from others in this forum.

    Hopefully your rheumy will be able to help, make sure to write it all down to

  • Thanks hun xxx

  • Dear Bentley - there are so many symptoms with Lupus. I have Discoid and Sjogrens - it sounds like you have other versions too. See your Rheumatologist and keep pushing for investigations. I have improved since put on Hydroxychloroquine- I am more concerned by the Sjogrens. Good luck

  • Thanks hun xxx

  • For the pins and needles and burning and pain, I take gabapentin. It works so well with the plaquenil (hydroxy). After the plaquenil finally kicked in, I've felt so much better. Almost a new person. I'd forgotten what it was like to be somewhat normal.

  • Thanks hun fingers crossed il soon be sorted xxx

  • I have the same and I feel for you this is terrible! I have a whole lot of lesions on my hands, arms and feet. Do you have them too?

  • Hi hun no havnt got any lesions xxx

  • Hi Bentley12 ,

    As others have said already, these could possibly be symptoms of another form of lupus or perhaps an overlapping condition. Hopefully your rheumatologist will be able to help answer this for you when you see them in May. If you need any tips on preparing for your appointment we have a blog article which you may find helpful -

    If you need more information about lupus and how it is diagnosed, we have a free pack which you can request or download at

    The sensation you are describing in your fingers sounds like it could possibly be Raynaud's phenomenon. You can learn more about this at

    Keep us updated with how you are getting on.

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