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Lupus and Pregnancy

Hi All

Just wanted to drop a line regarding my Lupus for those also with it and considering getting pregnant. Its not to brag but to give you a little hope that it can be done with careful preparation and regular appointments.

Well i am 17 weeks pregnant with active lupus and so far so good.

Before getting pregnant my lupus was mild, had joint pain and very tired, my Lupus was mainly attacking Kidneys which has left them with slight damage so am on medication to prevent any further damage.

Since becoming pregnant the joint pain has totally gone away, the tiredness is still there and a little worse but its cop-able, my kidneys are doing well not current strain on them, im being monitored weekly by a few different specialists, Renal, Obstetrician and rhemy, as its high risk but as far as now its all looking positive, i will keep you posted after my 20 week scan which will let me know how the baby is growing. Got my fingers tightly crossed.

Tanya xxx

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I hope everything goes well for you i havent tried to get pregnant am only 18 but have no idea what it will be like i have APS and all so thats something i need to keep praying wont be a problem for me in the future all in all good luck to you .


I think you will be fine, aslong as you keep yourself fit and healthy, attend all your appointments and take advice from specialists, i was told 3 years ago i wouldnt be able to have anymore but here i am with number 2 : ) best of luck to you xxx


Don't worry about what 'COULD' be. I have SLE, APS plus a few other niceties 2 boot, yet have had 2 very successful pregnancies & deliveries. The specialists don't ALWAYS know what's best ;)


Huge good luck to you and your baby. I really hope it all goes well.


congratulations Tanya, wonderful news so glad your getting the correct care, stay well and enjoy this wonderful time for you and your partner, keep me posted xx


Thanks all for your kind messages, i will keep you all posted! xx


tanya2k458, that's really good 2 hear.

My 1 big regret was not relaxing enough 2 enjoy my first, I was constantly on edge cos of things I'd read, been told by well meaning specialists/nurses etc, trying 2 prepare me 4 the worst that I practically spent 9 months of my life in tears, afraid of moving or doing anything! Needless 2 say, my second pregnancy, I just had the attitude 'what will be, will be' & although I was careful, I certainly made sure I carried on 'living'.

Really chuffed 4 u all though :)


Good luck great news . I managed to have 2 children my first was fine but was not diagnosed 26 years ago, was very ill but nobody new about Lupus, however i then miss carried and was very ill again , this is when i was told i had Lupus but i went on to have my second child with quite a good pregnancy, he is now 21, I would of liked more but became to ill i have Lupus , Antiiphoslipids, chronic obstructive, airways disease , so i did not want to risk anymore but things are so much better now as so more hospitals are aware of Lupus. I have lived with this illness for over 23 years.Whish you well and plenty of rest i am sure you will be fine, Take care xx


It is totally possible, I'm currently 38 weeks pregnant & can't wait to meet my baby!! I've had fab care throughout my pregnancy, and had numerous growth scans throughout to check on my baby- he/she is behaving well :-) my lupus had been calm throughout my pregnancy, with only a little minor flare just after 23 weeks. I am ro positive so have been taking blood thinning injections throughout. Due to this medication, I'm bring induced on Tuesday as my consultant doesn't want me to go to 40 weeks. So excited & nervous to meet my baby. Hope my fatigue doesn't kick in after/during labour & I can enjoy the first few weeks of being a mummy!! Going to try & relax & keep calm to help me as much as possible!

Good luck on your pregnancy

Alison xxx


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