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New rash. I had to go to Birmingham Al. to UAB Hospital Kirklin Clinic yesterday. When I was in the shower I felt this burning sensation on both sides of my back side. My wife took photos of 2 rashes, one is a circle, the other is square, to show to the doctor.

The culprit may be the Clonidine 0.3 MG patch I have to use for blood pressure (which by the way is not working BP yesterday at the doctor was 207/118).

I rotate the patch every week when it is changed. Left hip to right hip to left abdomen to right abdomen then start over.

The strange thing is, I have been using this patch for 6 months. No issues until now. I know lupus, it is so very unpredictable?

I now have clobetasol Propionate Spray to use. I have to spray it on and let it dry before applying the patch now. See if it works.

Used a cream the dermatologist gave me for lupus rashes and blisters. The places do not burn as bad this morning!

As usual with lupus, let's see what happens next?

I hope everyone has a great WEEKEND!


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It's always "something" with lupus, eh Tiras? Glad to hear that your remedies for the "new" rashes are working quickly.

I wear an estrogen patch which I switch out twice weekly (and alternate application sites similar to your case) and I have experienced a few irritations. Never all the time just sometimes on rare occasions, when I remove the patch (and the Tegaderm tape I place over it), the skin will be reddish and sensitive.

Thanks lupus! 😏

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To use a phrase from the Forest Gump Movie,

Lupus is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're gonna get!


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Tiras, these rashes are very similar to mine which I posted last Monday. I am new to lupus, but i do believe it has also to do with food we take. I read some of your posts related to gardening. I have a garden and grow vegetables at the back yeard. Since i was suspecting i could have lupus, i decided not to eat nighshades at all. I read you grow tomatoes. Have you already thought about this?

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Thank You!

I have tried many different things over the years, nothing seems to make a difference. It is as if the rashes come and go as they please? I get places like this mainly from the waist down? Especially on the inside of the upper thighs, and where the leg joins the body, and on my back side. I have blisters/rashes on my feet especially my right foot.

Another thing I have is hair loss, now get this, the hair on my head is now starting to get thin, but, I have absolutely no body hair from the neck down! I have no underarm hair, no chest hair, no hair on my legs, and yes, I have no hair in the down under area.

I have said this for years

"Lupus effects us all differently but, yet effects us all the same. That doesn't make sense but, lupus doesn't make sense either"

Wishing you a good, safe, & BLESSED DAY!

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My hair is also thinner. In 2009 when i had an awful urticaria i noticed that my eyebrows were not thickning. I wanted them to grow as i used to have them as a young adult. But they never turn to be as before. People told me it had to do with menopause. But i was only 44. It must have to be related to lupus. When i believe it started to manifestate. As i was teaching in Switzerland by the time , it slowed down due to the climate and lack of sun. After returning to my home town here in PT on the coast, stress, etc, it came back again. My profile photo is from September last year with my first rash. Without knowing what it indeed was :-(

Well, what I know for now is that some food do harm me. And I avoid them completely. Eagervto see my blood/urin work next Thursday. Have a nice day...

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Oh, yes my eyebrows are almost nonexistent now also. I noticed that just recently when I was looking in the mirror.

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