To massage or not to massage?

Has anyone had any luck with massage therapy? I was considering an aromathetapy massage and wondered if anyone has tried this as a regular (like once or twice a month) treatment and if so has it been helpful? I'm also considering acupuncture. My joints are so sore, particularly my wrists, knuckles and feet/toe joints. I'm on week four of hydroxychloroquine and not a hint of improvement (I know it takes 6-12 weeks to notice anything I'm just really impatient lol).

I type and sit at a desk all day and so I'm just wondering if a gentle massage every couple of weeks might help (even if it relates my over thinking brain!)


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  • Dare I say aromatherapy sounds like heaven to me & my achy bones right now. Have done aromatherapy massage and it is very relaxing and they can select oils for needs. Acupuncture again with the right can be beneficial, my husband was lucky to a treated by a retired gp who trained up & also gave him suggestions on other aspects of his health, picked an underactive thyroid a few weeks ago & verified by blood tests, now there's good doctoring.

    Hope the hydroxychloroquine takes effect soon, it was a few weeks to start to feel the benefits and longer for overall improvement. Feel better and treat yourself, may do it myself, thanks for the inspiration 🙌 ml

  • That's great, thank you. I'm desperate and will try anything at this point! I will let you all know how it goes next week!

  • Hello. When I can treat myself I have Reflexology. I love it. Always embarrass myself and fall asleep and dribble or snore but it totally relaxes me. I've also had a hot stone massage which was lovely. Never thought about the aromatherapy oils though. Interesting. I do find that when you go to a spa or such place and write lupus on those pre treatment forms they sometimes get a bit worried about treating you!! But I think with this kind of thing we are all very different and you don't know until you try. Go for it! Fingers crossed it works for you.

  • Thank you, I may try a hot stone massage as well. I've but had a massage for a few years so I'm due!

  • Hi it can take a lot longer for hydroxy to start to work it took about 8 months before I saw any real improvement . I too love massage and I access aromatherapy through the holistic centre at our hospital which is lovely . I have also been and had hot stone and Swedish massage privately but be careful the last time I went even though it was medium pressure I ached all over that night as if I was bruised all over so I think the advice I would say from my experience is stick to gentle aromatherapy massage - good luck x

  • Careful with the massage. Make sure that they don't go too deep. The massage usually feels amazing at the time, but it can release toxins and then i feel bruised all over the next couple of days. I recommend very very light pressure. Good luck with it!

  • I have booked a Swedish rather than deep tissue and will go for light to medium pressure as I recall fro. When I felt normal too much pressure can make you sore and give you a headache.

    I'm so excited to try this. Pathetic I know! I've also just bought a treadmill off my neighbour so I can do some walking even in this horrible weather.

    Will update next week after the massage!

    Thanks for your comments! 😊

  • Gentle massage with some scented lotion/oil would be great. I had one with hot stones and it was pure heaven :)

  • If this massage is good and it doesn't cause any adverse effects I'm booking a hot stone. They have a deal through Feb for £25 for an hour full body!

  • Massages are amazing, but I do have to inform the masseuse there are areas they cannot touch (my lower back is a nightmare and I have other pressure points). So I go with lighter touches. Anything like Swedish massage, etc, is just too hard a touch for me now. I've gone to spas before as the steam and warm water in them works brilliantly for my pain, and the young women's hands are very fierce, so don't underestimate how strong they can be! I joked with one recently and she said her boyfriend wouldn't let her massage him. 'Your hands make boys cry', I said, which she found infinitely amusing!

    But yes, do give it a try if you have the money to spare. I used to think going to a spa was frivolous - I can heartily say now I'm an idiot and I should have started going to them sooner.

    I wish you relaxation!

  • That must be awful being so sensitive to certain areas being touched. I'm lucky enough I don't have that at the moment. Whilst my hands, wrists and feet are super painful if I apply firm pressure myself it's kind of a 'hurts so good' type feeling. I realise this won't always be that way!

    Being a single parent of 2, I've rarely the spare £ for anything, let alone a treat for myself but my lovely partner (who doesn't live with me) has said of it works he will help pay for regular massage if it works.

    I'm so glad I asked this question now since there's been so much positivity about it. I'll start with light to medium pressure and see how it goes. There's a deal for hot stone massage through Feb for £25 so really have my fingers crossed!

    Thank you for your kind words!!

  • Yes! I get the Swedish massage therapy every month. It helps the joints and muscles. I have problems with my leg joints where my legs join my body. They massage front and back. Knees and feet. Back and neck are my least areas. I would recommend it. Make sure it is light and not to hard and deep of a massage?

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