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Sports Massage and Lupus

Hi everyone.

I had a sports massage the other evening which felt good at the time however immediately afterwards I felt unwell.

I deteriorated and couldn't sleep that night for a racing heart. The next day I had a blood pressure spike and felt awful.

Has anyone else experienced this? Does it mean no sports massages in the future or is there something else I need to do?


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hi i am having pysio at the moment if he does a hands on sesion i get a similar reaction its weird


I have regular massages, but not 'sports' as the same happened to me after the therapist put a lot of pressure on. Now she does it with a small amount of pressure, which still helps the joints. You both need to report to your physio/therapists how you have felt after, so that they can adapt the amount of pressure being applied. Hope you enjoy your next session x


I'd been managing SLE all my life undiagnosed. Am 60 now.. For years I was on NSAIDs & analgesics & did alexander technique + pilates etc for muscular aches & pains (normal non sports massage). Of course none of that helped much, except the Alexander technique really really made a diff. Active 'normal' sessions of Pilates or anything else, eg tai chi, left me with reactions like yours have been after sports massage...and also I had dizziness

Finally, decades on, I tried 2 years of weekly sports massage which, unlike yours, was agonisingly painful. And my reaction after each session was similar to yours.

Meanwhile, by then, i'd cobbled together a "bespoke" 30-40 min vvvvvvv gentle routine made up of yoga+pilates+tai chi, which i did for years most mornings and which at least made me feel as if i was doing something to work &stretch my sore body. This was a few years before I was finally (re) diagnosed with sle in 2011 (turned out I'd been diagnosed with SLE as an infant & teen but not told about this). I'm also globally hypermobile, which complicates this picure significantly



Just to say that a friend invited me to use her hot tub and I was sitting very near to the bubble jets. Must say it was very relaxing, however the next day I felt as if I had been kicked all over, being achy, with joints and muscles feeling very painful. I guess it was in effect like a water massage. I have since used it without the jets on and been absolutely fine.


I used to be able to tolerate reiki quite well, but have noticed this year, with an increase in symptoms I feel worse than ever for a few days after, so gave up on that. I have also tried reflexology, but didn't seen any improvement.


After a massage or anything like that it feels like it puts me into a flare. My physio also said that she has to be very gentle as it can put you into a flare up. The thought of a massage is heaven for the aches and pains but makes me feel worse :(


I've heard that deep tissue massage should be avoided.


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