Is is safe to have a massage?

My sister and I are going to a Spa break for a couple of days, I want to book a treatment but not sure if it is advisable to have a body massage, my Lupus is very active at the moment and inflammation is high, so everything is sore and painful, not sure if massage would make it better or worse, does any one have any experience or advice?

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  • Maybe it is ok. Massage might help with aches and pains. I have lupus and I went for a couple of sessions and their were times when it was helping but not on my back. Shiatsu or acupuncture works better. It depends on the person massaging u. It wont make u worse. Just try. It will only relax you. It is worth mentioning it to the person massaging u.

  • I would be afraid to as with the hurting all over I think it could make me worse. I bruise so easily too. You can't touch me because I go black it's horrible. Perhaps a gentle massage would be ok in you.

  • I was told that a massage can bring on a flare :( would absolutely love to have one, neck and shoulders always ache and are tense.


  • Hello, this happened to me after a deep massage and it took a while for me to get over it because I suffer with connective tissue problems. It contributed to a flare up and I wouldn't have a massage again.unless it was very gentle. W

  • Have had lots of lovely massages. Lowering stress is always good :) prob wouldn't go for one if struggling with muscle inflammation but my usual joint pain wouldn't stop me. You could always try and stop if its sore??

  • I can't tolerate massage when my lupus is active - it makes me feel much worse - being knocked down by a bus would be a good way to describe it!

    When my lupus is quiescent I can happily have massage and enjoy it!

    If you do fancy a massage why not ask the therapist to keep it very, very light, and just enjoy the relaxation and stroking on your skin?

  • I have found that it worsens symptoms if I am having a flare. Tend to go for reflexology/Indian head massage etc instead of full massage. I think we are all different though

  • I was told by consultant to avoid massage or therapies that use pressure. Can make joint and muscle pain worse. Also have found some natural health practitioners don't understand lupus and are convinced their treatments can heal and that has meant they don't understand my pain levels (because I look healthy!!). So I now stay with head massage, aromatherapy (no massage) acupuncture and also yoga/Pilates/mindful movement designed for people suffering from chronic illness. I also do gentle touch exercises with a friend who has MS and who is lovely and understands that some parts of my bod hurt and are no go zones! As i do with her. Facial treatments are lovely if you are ok with the creams used. Enjoy your break xx

  • Many thanks for all your replies, very helpful, think I will go for the head massage and a facial

  • That sounds good, if you have the head massage do tell them before they begin that you have chronic pain so use gentle pressure and if they hurt you tell them to stop. I find sometimes the head massage hurts because it feels like they are pulling my hair out. You could also go for a pedicure/and or manicure, which is very relaxing.

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