Jaw pain

Sorry to have a bit of rant again but thinking of coming off methatrexate got a little cold thought I was going back to hospital talk agout man flu before methatrexate I had no time off work with colds but now I can't shift it wife dragged me to br kicking and screaming I was saying your overreacting but yet again she was right don't tell her ,was due to go for a spar weekend on Friday had to cancel it last time I was bad gess what had to cancel holiday so can I put up with the leg pain and fatigue if I stop methatrexate I can't be worried every time someone is ill next to me

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  • Sorry forgot any body else got bad jaw pain it's been getting worse now for a month

  • Be very careful my friend. I took methotrexate for two years then stopped to try and have kids. Was OK for two years but then I had a really really bad flare was in agony and had kidney failure. Luckily I survived but I Wish I had stayed on it with hindsight. Better to have the odd cold than risk your life. Take care. PS. When I had that flare my jaw was so bad I couldn't eat.

  • Thanks for the reply sorry to here you were really ill after stopping taking methatrexate will probably stay on it it was just a bit of a scare when I got sepcis

  • Totally understand. Tbh I got complacent because I came of it and felt fine. Then I stopped seeing my rheumatologist because I had gone so long pain free. If I had kept in touch they would have picked up my flare before it got so bad. Just make sure you stay in touch with you doc whatever you decide.

  • Cheers thanks for the advice

  • Hi Ianrussell69,

    Is your doctor aware that you have a virus at the moment? If not, you should always ensure that you inform them of any viruses or infections when on immunosuppressants like methotrexate because your immune response will be compromised. In some cases your doctor may prescribe antivirals or antibacterials and advise you to temporarily stop your methotrexate until the infection is cleared.

    As Christof has advised you, please do not stop taking methotrexate unless it is under your consultant's careful supervision.

  • Thank you for replying I went to dr and she gave me penacillin managed to stay out of hospital this time ,I am going to continue the methatrexate although it makes me feel like I'm coming down with cold for two days after taking my jaw pain has got slightly better but is still a pain thanks again for the reply

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