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Kidney issues?

Hey guys.

So I woke this morning with Swollen glands in my neck and it's sore to swallow. No sign of tonsillitis or anything like that. But the past few hours I've had pain in my middle back, both sides. I've been in hospital before for kidney infections. Wondering if I should go to a and e. Evrytime this happens they never tell me if this could be due to my lupus. I'm so exhausted. I had a flare that had me bed bound all over Christmas and new year, felt better the last few days and now this :(

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Sounds familiar. This happens to me alot,alot. I have swollen glands, swollen lymph nodes and before i even no I've got a bug/virus or infection my glands are up. Also don't forget you have glands elsewhere in your body, when they swell up in my neck they swell up in my groin and collar bone too. Could be the start of a bug or something?? Keep an eye on it or if too unbearable go to a+e, although if your gp's any good go to them. Unless you can ring your rheumatology department. Although I'm writing this and its the start of the weekend. Do take painkillers though.

Take care


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Thanks kezzie. Turned out I had a severe kidney infection and I've spent the last four days in hospital ! X

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