Kidney symptoms

Does this sound like its stemming from the lupus, for past few months i've had periods where I constantly need a wee, i'm waking up 3-5 times a night. I have pain under my back ribs and right side and into my pelvis. My hands and eyes are slightly swollen when I wake up. I'm so thirsty all the time, drinking litres of water all day.

I'm only recently diagnosed and taking hydroxy 400mg for past 6 weeks which has helped with the pain and fatigue.

Not sure if this is a new lupus symptom or an underlying infection. Been trying to get an appointment with my GP for days.

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  • I would go to the GP practice and stand in front of the reception desk until they offer you an emergency appointment - which they should have for those who need it. Whatever it is - it needs to be seen and dealt with sooner rather than later before you get really poorly with it. It is the flank pain that bothers me most.

  • Thanks, they told me yesterday it wasn't an emergency, so I took a urine sample in and asked them to test it which they said they'd do and let me know by end of the day, but no one called back :(

    I am going there now to try again.

    Its frustrating as i've already had one kidney function test that was 'borderline' 5 weeks ago.

  • Who told you? A receptionist? If so - when did THEY get their medical degree? And since you have had a borderline kidney function test recently, if the receptionist won't let you in I would go to A&E and ask for advice.

  • Hi Beau2016,

    I hope that you are able to get a response back from your GP about the urine test and whether you will need any further investigation.

    If you want more information about lupus and the kidneys, we have a booklet that you can read and download at

  • If you have protein in your urine does that mean my kidneys are slowly getting bad from lupus?

  • Not necessarily. This can also potentially be caused by high blood pressure, infections, toxins, diabetes or trauma. If protein is found in the urine then further blood tests and possibly a biopsy may be required.

  • Thank u Paul. I'm not worried. I'm stronger than Lupus

  • Thank you, in the end GP decided it was probably kidney stones, i'm still waiting for a scan, which was supposed to be yesterday but was cancelled. My side still hurts but not to the same extreme. My urine is testing normal. I'm still drinking gallons and chronically thirsty.

  • I'd second emergency treatment. I have lupus nephritis, the kidney kind, and kidney issues with lupus degenerate FAST. Go to emergency services if you need to. If there's pain, something is wrong. Also being so thirsty and yet peeing all the time, means your kidneys are overworking themselves. This can lead to partial or full shutdown. Please seek immediate help.

  • Urinating a lot comes from my anxiety disorder. Once my anxiety calms down then my body goes back to normal.

  • I've had to run to the bathroom a lot especially at night. I suffer gf from anxiety disorder. Everytime I get blood work my rheumy say I have small amount of protein in my urine. Nothing serious with my kidneys yet. Thank God

  • It sounds like kidney issues to me I have kidney involvement, have they not checked you for kidney issues i thought they usually did , have they checked your urine at your lupus appointments?

  • Dr said everyone has a little protein in there urine

  • I just had an blood wk so if it's serious he will notify me. I'm fine and I'm glad my dr contact me if it's serious

  • That message was actually meant for beau2016 I answered you by mistake sorry , I am sure your kidneys are fine they would say if they weren't, take care .

  • Ive never had any kidney problems. Even with the small amount of protein in urine. Im stronger than lupus

  • A small amount of protein in your urine indicates kidney issues, ring the stupid doctors and tell the receptionist that if she doesn't give you an appointment asap you will go to A and E and say your doctor has refused to see you .

  • My last message was for beau2016

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