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Really dizzy for 4 days now! Help!


I've been having this really bad dizzy spell that makes me feel as if I'm drunk or on a boat in a storm. No I'm not on any medication, my blood sugar is very normal and I haven't been to the doctor yet because the clinic is closed today. I have two small children one is only 4 months so I'm scared to walk around holding him can someone please help me fast? I've tried taking lots of vitamins even extra iron and vitamin D and also drinking lots of water and nothing is helping.

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You may have a problem with your inner ear. Sometimes easily resolved sometimes not. Get to your GP.



Possibly labrynthitis. Get to docs.

Hello kastra

I'm with Stephanietee & misslillyskisses: see your gp about this asap. I've been managing lupus & Sjogrens-related persistent dizziness for decades, and can relate to your concern. Am glad you're keeping well hydrated.

Labyrinthitis (aka vestibular neuritis) is a condition affecting the inner ear, causing dizziness & nausea. But there are other inner ear disturbances that can cause dizziness too, some of which can be fairly easily resolved by very simply manipulation techniques. These sort of things do need to be investigated by your gp, who will decide about treatment and, if necessary, referral to ENT for further investigations

If you have been diagnosed with lupus and attend a rheumatology lupus clinic, do let your rheumatologist or lupus specialist nurse know about your dizziness

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I developed this problem last year. My gp decided it was vertigo and gave me the tablets for it. They seemed to help no end

I was the same now been checked and have vertigo there are excersises that help and also been put in VD also x but better to get it checked anyway. Search for vertigo excersises and try they will make symptoms come on but in long run it helps xx worth a try x

Thank you everyone for the advice and help I was finally able to see a doctor. After having to wait nearly 3 hours in a clinic I found out I have liquid trapped behind my ear drums and treatment is decongestants.

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