Chest infection for 4 weeks

I have recently been told I have Lupus, I have had a chest infection for the past 4 weeks, differcault to breath as the pain in my chest, left side of body and back makes if differcault for me to speak, had a chest x-ray yesterday and was told I have shadowing on my left side and was given Clarithromycin for the 3rd time and sent home. Is this normal and what am I to expect???

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  • All I would say is get them to investigate further. I was sent home with a diagnosis of pneumonia and megaloads of co-amoxiclav and clarithromycin two years ago. Turns out I have some form of chronic allergic pneumonia which needs entirely different treatment. I'm not saying this is true for you, but just keep on their case and do your research on lung complications of lupus. All the best.

  • Ditto, well said : )

  • Keep on at them, I ended up in hospital cos as like you had clarythromycin twice and a secondary antibiotic twice. it took 8 days and countless bags of antibiotics. All because they did not do something sooner. good luck :)

  • I had problems with chest infections that responded to steroids before l was even diagnosed, with Lupus its so important to question what some Drs say, always good to educate yourself as much as you can on your particular illness and always remember you know your own body better than any Doctor , don't give up and always stay positive , with the correct treatment thing will start to get better, keep me posted with your progress. : )

  • Thank you all for your comments been very helpful so I am off back to see my Dr on Tuesday, I feel a lot better but only if I am not doing anything still get out of breath really easy lets see what the Dr say's on top of this my knee has swollen and very painful and my left hand has gone back into mad painful spasm's (can anyone help with this?) but on the upside I went to see my dermatologist on Wednesday he gave me a cream for the rash on my face and forehead and it has almost gone woo hoo happy day's just have to deal with the hair loss now, I do at times feel a bit overwhelmed with this all but I am positive x

  • Forgot to mention the cream is Dermovate 30g just in case this helps anyone x

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