Is it the sun !!!!????

Ok, i've spent a lot of time in the sun this weekend......... and a rash on my ankle has reappeared in the same place as a few wks ago and also stinging hands yesterday , and today my arms are stinging as well. The rash is a red raised one just below my ankle !!!!!?????

I've been on hydrochloriquine for about 2 mnths now so i dont think it could be that !

Whats going on !!!!!???? does this happen with Lupus !!!??? never had these symptoms before !!!!!!!!!!!!

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omg was thinking the same!!! have been in & out cause my skin is stinging like mad & I have big red weels & patches like psoriasis (which I've had for yrs apparently though it doesn't get better in the sun which psoriasis DOES!!) my skin looks like a network of white dots in amongst my freckles & I near hit the roof when I went in the right elbow joint is pretty sore & so is my left wrist these are coming & going with pain for a few weeks then ok again but a bit coincidental with the lovely hot sunny weather........but I soooooooo don't wana be inside in this lovely weather.......I have lathered on the factor 1000 suncream so I look like my albino rabbit i had as a kid but my skin still stings like mad =( I am PRE-diagnosis lupus by the way....but I hav evrything else and have jst got there before th docs dietician however is ahead of me & is now chasing th docs & consultants to catch up!!! =D lol but am sooo gona watch this thread to see what the outcome is with the skin thing =)


I am pre diagnosis aswell ! I have fibromyalgia too so have a lot of joint ect pain ( MAYbe thats the LUPUS TOO !!!??? )

I've had 3 positive ANA so far and my rheumy thinks i have Lupus but hasn't said 100 % diagnosis yet !. He put me on Hydroxy for Lupus and have to go back in august !!!! I will tell him about the stinging etc and see what he says .

Factor 1000 !? didnt know you could get that high ! where from !?

Are you seeing a rheumy soon , to find out if you have Lupus !!!???

Let me know how you get on x


No there's no such thing as factor 1000 suncream (well maybe there is but not where I live!) but I just looked like my albino rabbit cause it made me look so white!!! =D lol I am at the brick wall stage with my GP he's still on the "migraine phase" my dietician & gynae connected the dots loooong ago it was my gynae that found out I had APS 14yrs ago!!!! lol anyway my neuro is reluctant to let go of the reigns to hand over to a rheumy even though NOTHING is working for my migraines 2yrs after they started with a bang it's time to let go of neuro (there's nothing serious wrong!) and let someone else get to the bottom of it but I can't refer myself.......though I have just heard my own GP is on holiday this 2x weeks & it's a locum so now might be the chance to seize an appointment and lay all my cards on the table & can he/she please stop my skin stinging cause it's hurting now =( will let you know how I get on =)


#1 calm down ... and yes it could be a lupus reaction ... but it could be many other things as well - perhaps a reaction to Rx (yes even 2 months later a reaction can happen)

#2 take a photo of the rash immediately (always document symptoms with photos) - ASAP get to your Rheumatologist - if you can't get in send the photo to them to gain attention and assessment

#3 the rash might need to be seen / sampled by Dermatologist in conference with Rheumatologist

#4 blood work may need to be run to determine Lupus or other cause (perfect time to run blood work during flare ups - catch the tiger by the tail! - try to think positively find it - deal with it - live on)

#4 stinging sometimes can be calmed with cold compress and or heat compress

#5 you are not alone and what ever this is will be sorted take care of yourself


I always thought i was okay in the sun untill i came out in a horrible rash. I had only ever caught the sun in passing as i was photosensetive in that i could not tolerate direct sunlight. I could not sit in it or sunbathe, it would make me feel queasy. There are different lupus rashes as i have discovered so please take care in the sun.


I had been walking regularly and have had to give that up during the very sunny weather as I could feel a flare coming on. Other people with arthritis get the aches and pains with cold, damp weather. I get it with sunlight when everyone else is saying how they feel much better now the sun is out.

Can't see very much when the sun is out so look at it from inside.

Apologies - feeling a bit hard done by just at the moment!




I haven't been diagnosed yet, and am not on any meds other than amatripling (sorry for spelling) but when I go out in the sun, I get a bad rash on my ankle and foot, it looks horrible but doesn't hurt. Hope this helps x


Is your rash red and raised !? I dont know if this is part of Fibromyalgia !!!!!????? or Lupus as Rheumy is still unsure if i have it ( Lupus i mean )


thanks for all comments , as always , very helpful x


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